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African-Americans Military - African-Americans Notable People - African Americans: By Region, State and Locality - Black History Month - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - General Resources - Historically Black Colleges and Universities - Legislation, Historic Documents - Underground Railroad/Harriet Tubman  

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Civil Rights - Latino-American General Resources - Hispanic Heritage Month - Is it Hispanic or Latino? - Latino-Americans Military - Notable People - Specific Latino Cultural Information - Latino-American Regional Information

Some Specific Latino-American Cultures

Cuban American - Mexican-American - Puerto Rican


Asian-American Resources
Asian-American General Resources - Asian American Civil Rights - Asian-American Military Service - Asian-American Notable People

Some Specific Asian-American Cultures

Cambodian-American - Chinese-American - Filipino-American - Hmong-American - Indo-American - Japanese-American - Korean-American - Laotian-American - Persian-American - Thai-American - Vietnamese-American


Afro-American Lesson Plans - Hispanic-Americans / Latino Lesson Plans - Asian-American Lesson Plans - Multiculturalism & Tolerance Lesson Plans

ATPAC-The Association of Thai Professionals in America and Canada __ "The Association of Thai Professionals in America and Canada (ATPAC) is a group of Thai professionals which include the younger generation or ATPAC's youths (ATPACY) in North America." Learn about this organization and its programs, membership and educational efforts. - illustrated - From atpac.org - http://www.atpac.org/atpac_2003/index.htm 

Online Thai Community in New York __ "News, Classifieds, Jobs, Room for Rent, everything can be found here." They mean it. - illustrated - From thainewyork.com - http://www.thainewyork.com/?newlang=eng 

Thai-American __ You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - From Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thai_American 

Thai American Student Organization __ A one paragraph look at this organization. - From Taso - http://www.princeton.edu/~taso/taso/taso.html 
Thai Community Development Center __ Here you will learn about the Thai Community Development Center in Southern California. While the organization is regional, there is information for the Thai community at large. - illustrated - From thaicdc.org - http://www.thaicdc.org/ 

Tiger Woods __ You can learn about Tiger Woods' pride in his Thai heritage. "When the 21-year-old Woods arrived in Bangna, Thailand, in February to play in the Asian Honda Classic, he was welcomed with a cheering crowd and media frenzy usually reserved only for heads of state." - illustrated - From texnews.com - http://www.texnews.com/tiger/pride042197.html 



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