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*** - While I know many of you have favorite museums and there are even great and well known museums which are not listed here, those museum websites may have nothing much more than visiting hours and directions.  All museum websites listed here have an online exhibit in one form or another.  If you have a museum which you would like to suggest and it meets the 'online exhibit' qualification, please let me know so that I may review the site for possible listing.

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While this is not an online museum exhibit per se, this is a resource you may want to visit.  You will find thousands of museums and museum related subjects.  Here is a real treasure house for detailed research on the subject.  You may want to bookmark it if you are planning a project which is beyond the scope of museum listings in archaeolink pages.  Or even if you're not. -

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Abbe Museum_Celebrating Maine Native ... __ The Abbe Museum displays anthropological and archaeological native American artifacts from the state of Maine. - illustrated - 

About Splendors of Ancient Egypt __ Tour the Egyptian Exhibition at the Florida International Museum. Go through the galleries or view artifacts one at a time. - 

African Art: Aesthetics and Meanings __ Images of head dresses, masks, and sculpted figurines - interesting links and other information - 

Anthropology Museum at NIU __ Galleries and photos scattered throughout. Learn how to 'preserve your valuables. - 

Anthropology Research Museum __ Collections mostly of North American archaeology. - photos and interesting totem pole article - 

APM Homepage __ Archaeological museum of the University of Amsterdam. - photos - Dutch, German, English or French." - 

Archaeological Museum __ Archaeological museum of Kazan State University. - photos - 


The Arizona State Museum __ Museum of Southwestern anthropology and archaeology. - photos - 

Bede's World __ Museum about life in the middle ages. - illustrated - 

The Berndt Museum of Anthropology __ "The Berndt Museum holds extensive collections of Australian Aboriginal art and Aboriginal cultural materials, as well as collections from Melanesia, Asia and South-East Asia. Many of these items may now be viewed here in this Virtual Museum." - photos - 

BLM Colorado - Anasazi Heritage Center Home Page __ Anasazi gallery and other resources dealing with educational subjects - 

British Museum Site Index __ Good overview of the collections in the British Museum - 

Buena Vista Museum of Natural History: Anthropology __ About archaeology and anthropology at theBuena Vista Museum of Natural History. - photos and other illustrations - 

C.E. Smith Museum of Anthropology __ Displays include "The Magic, Myth and Legend of Borneo, a guided tour through the Yema-po archaeological site in China, and a map of San FranciscoBay Area archaeological sites. - 

Chiang Saen National Museum, Chiang Saen... __ Provincial museum in Thailand has many artifacts of archaeological interest. - photos - German, Thai, and English. - 

Chikatsu Asuka Index English Ver. __ View several special exhibits at the Chikatsu Museum. - history, photos - 

Department of Anthropology __ Galleries include 'The History of Utensils,' 'The Victorian Kitchen,' 'Ceramics of the Persian Empire,' and 'Mingei: Japanese Folktoys. - 

Department of Archaeology, SFU __ A university archaeology department site. Collections from the Pacific Northwest and Canada - photos - 

Dickson Mounds Museum __ "Dickson Mounds Museum, a branch of the Illinois State Museum and a National Historic Site, is one of the major on-site archaeological museums in the United States." - photos, maps, articles - 

Entry Into the Fiji Museum __ The Fiji Museum is an all purpose museum of island culture. You will find exhibits about archaeology and prehistory as well as contemporary artists. - photos - From The Fiji Museum - 

The Estonian State Maritime Museum (Meremuuseum) __ "A museum with an active underwater archaeology department. Featured are recent shipwreck finds." - 

Exhibit __ Online gallery is from the "Daily Life in Ancient Italy" museum display at the J. Paul Leonard Library, San Francisco State University. - photos - 

FAMSF: Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco __ The de Young Museum in San Francisco is in the process of putting its entire collection online. This collection, though an art collection, contains thousands of pieces from the ancient world which could be of interest to anthropology and archaeology students. - illustrated -  

Florida Museum of Natural History __ Exhibits about the Maya of Central America and Aucilla River prehistory. - illustrated - 

Fundación para la Investigación Antropólogica __ anthropology museum devoted mostly to South American textiles - photos - English, Spanish, French, and German - 

George Ortiz Collection __ Online exhibit of ancient art and artifacts. Many in interactive 3-D format - 

Glenbow Museum, Art Gallery, Library and Archives __ Museum in western Canada has a wide range of exhibits. - Hindu and Buddhist artifacts as well as Native American - illustrated - 

The Glory of Byzantium - Metropolitan Museum of Art __ See the splendor of Byzantine art. - photos, history - 

Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology __ Museum of Brown University. - photos - 

Hecht Museum Welcome Page __ museum showing both archaeological exhibits and fine arts. - photos - 

Heritage of the Americas Museum __ Museum has four wings: archaeology, anthropology, natural history, and art. - photos - 

Human Prehistory __ Online museum of prehistory. Go from room to room and follow the development of humanity from our primitive ancesters to the beginnings of civilization. -  

Iraklion Archaeological Museum __ Gallery of vases, sarcophagi, frescoes, sculptures, and metalwork found on archaeological digs in Crete. - photos -  

Iransaga - A History of Persian Art through the Centuries __ Online museum from Art Arena displays artifacts from prehistoric Iran to the Zand and Qajar periods. - photos, history, archaeological information -  

Kabul Museum __ View galleries of photos from the Kabul Museum. Most of what you see here was destroyed by the Taliban. -  

Kelsey Museum of Archaeology __ Two online exhibit galleries: one for Greek and Roman material, the other for Near Eastern. - illustrated -  

Kilmartin House Museum __ Archaeological museum about the people and landscape of Kilmartin Valley, Scotland over the past 10,000 years. - illustrated -  

Kunstkamera __ "Peter the Great’s Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkammer) is a visual symbol of the Russian Acadamy of Sciences." - Take a floor by floor tour - photos - Russian or English -

Kyoto National Museum __ One of Japan's major art and archaeology collections. photos - English and Japanese -  

London Museum of Archaeology __ "This museum of human life over the past 11,000 years in Southwestern Ontario includes a virtual tour. - illustrated - 

Mathers Museum __ Museum at Indiana University. Information about collections and special exhibits. - illustrated -  

Maxwell Museum of Anthropology __ Museum houses exhibits from all over the world and all periods of history but its specialty is southwest American Native cultures. - photos, articles - 

Metropolitan Museum of Art, Egyptian Art __ Images from the Egyptian collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art - 

Midwestern US 16,000 Years Ago __ Exhibit about midwestern North America 16,000 years ago. - photos, maps, and other illustrations -  

MOA __ Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia. Information about the First Nations project. - photos -  

Museum of Antiquities, University of Saskatchewan __ Tour artifacts of the ancient world. - photos - 

National Museum __ The Czech National Museum. There is so much to see and do here - well illustrated - English or Czech." -

Neolithic Statues from Jordan at the Smithsonian's... __ Special exhibit of Neolithic art from ancient Jordan. - photos - 

Orinoco Online __ You will find a collection of artifacts from twelve indigenous groups living in the Orinoco River basin. - illustrated - Spanish or English - From - Fundation Cisneros - 

Oriental Institute, The __ Museum and research organization dedicated to the study of the ancient Near East. - photos - 

P.M.A.: Archaeology - Fur Trade __ Archaeological account of the history of the fur trade in Alberta. -  

Page Accueil Art Prehistorique des Pyrenees Version Anglaise __ Online gallery of prehistoric art from the Pyrenees. - illustrated - French and English." -  

The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology __ Good collection of Egyptian artifacts - photos - 

Royal Ontario Museum Home Page __ The Royal Ontario Museum houses one of the world's great collections. For those interested in archaeology and anthropology, this museum is important indeed. - photos and other illustrations - French and English -  

San Diego Museum of Man __ Exhibits representing a cross-section of the ancient world and human history. - illustrated -  

Semitic Museum, Harvard Univ. Home Page __ Museum houses collections of archaeological materials from the Ancient Near East. - photos and other illustrations - 

The SFU Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology __ Museum at the Simon Fraser University in British Columbia. - photos and other illustrations, good articles - 

Shefton Museum __ A Museum of Greek Art and Archaeology. - well illustrated - 

The State Hermitage Museum: Collection Highlights __ Prehistory section of the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. - tour the whole museum - photos, articles, and more -  

The Sukuma Home Page __ An anthropological exhibit of African culture and tradition. Many topics - illustrated -  

Templo Mayor Museum __ Archaeological museum of the Ceremonial Precinct of Mexico-Tenochtitlan. - will illustrated - English or Spanish - 

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