First Lady Ida McKinley


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Ida McKinley __ "There was little resemblance between the petulant invalid who came to the White House with William McKinley in March 1897 and vivacious young woman he had married 26 years before."  A biography. - illustrated - From -

Ida Mckinley Biography __ You will find an in depth biography of Ida McKinley. - From -

Ida McKinley, First Lady __ A biographical outline. - From -


Ida McKinley - First Ladies of the United States - Picture of Ida McKinley __ A portrait of First Lady Ida Saxton McKinley, wife of President William McKinley along with several links to additional material. - illustrated - From -

Ida Saxton McKinley __ "...wife of William McKinley, was First Lady of the United States from 1897 to 1901."  an encyclopedic article. - illustrated - From wikipedia -





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