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Belarus: History __ A good essay style history.  "The region now constituting Belarus was colonized by East Slavic tribes from the 5th to the 8th cent. It fell (9th cent.) under the sway of Kievan Rus and was later (12th cent.) subdivided into several Belarusian principalities forming part of the Kievan state..." - From infoplease.com - http://www.infoplease.com/ce6/world/A0856895.html

Belarus: History __ A brief look at Belarus history. - From cs.ucf.edu - http://www.cs.ucf.edu/~MidLink/belarus/belarus.history.html

Belarus History __ "Belarus was part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania during the 13th and 14th centuries. The Grand Duchy was united with Poland in the 1500s. Belarus then became part of the Russian Empire, following the dismemberment of Poland at the end of the 18th century."  Are you following that?  This general history of Belarus makes it easier. - From iexplore.com - http://www.iexplore.com/dmap/Belarus/History

Belarus: History and Famous Personalities __ This site is chock-full of links and resources about many aspects of Belarus history. - From Dr. Nikolai N. Kostyukovich - http://www.ac.by/country/history.html

Belarusian history - the history of Belarus __ You will find a handful of resources about Belarusian history. - From about.com - http://europeanhistory.about.com/od/belarus/Belarus_and_the_Grand_Duchy_of_Lithuania.htm

Belarusian History Timeline __ Here is an annotated timeline for Belarusian history. - From belarusguide.com - http://www.belarusguide.com/as/history/gistory.html  

History of Belarus __ "This article describes the history of Belarus. The Belarusian ethnos is traced at least as far in time as other East Slavs."  An encyclopedic article with links to additional resources. - From wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Belarus


History of Belarus __ Excerpts from the book "Belarus - a new country in Eastern Europe." A lot of information found in these "excerpts." - From belarusguide.com/Vladimir Novik - http://www.belarusguide.com/as/archiv/web_pages/novik/history.htm

History of Belarus (Great Litva) __ You will find articles and other resources about Belarus history. - From belarusguide.com - http://www.belarusguide.com/as/history/history.html

The history of the Republic of Belarus __ You will find several click-to-read articles about various aspects of the history of Belarus. - From Hartford Web Publishing - http://www.hartford-hwp.com/archives/63/index-e.html

The Jewish Virtual History Tour - Belarus __ "The first record of Jews in Belarus is in the 14th century,C.E. At that time, Belarus was a region of Poland-Lithuania, and was referred to as Belorussia."  A history of the Jewish People and Belarus. - From jewishvirtuallibrary.org - http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/vjw/Belarus.html 

A Military History of Belarusian Lands Up to the End of Twelfth Century __ "The study will concentrate on the history of a region, which only later became known as Belarus, but had always been a meeting ground for the actors, which then formed the core of the Belarusian nation. Those were: Slavic tribes, which colonized the territory of modern Belarus mixing with native Baltic tribes and then under the leadership of Norse warlords formed so called Kyivan Rus' or Ruthenia..." A good look at early history of Belarus. - From deremilitari.org/Jahor Novikaǔ - http://www.deremilitari.org/resources/articles/novikou.htm

The Revolt of 1794 __ "...essay on the anti-Russian uprising of 1794, which is heavy with excellent context and avoids judgmental conclusions, was written to accompany the revoltís 250th Anniversary. The site also includes a brief biography of the rebellionís leader, Thaddeus Kosciusko, as well as press-cuttings ..." - From belarus-misc.org/George Stankevich - http://www.belarus-misc.org/1794.htm


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