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Canadian Rail History

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Canadian Pacific Railway __ History and more in this encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - From wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Pacific_Railway

Canadian Pacific Railway Archives: Canadian Pacific Railroad __ A gallery of images tracing the history of the Canadian Pacific Railroad from construction till current. - illustrated - From cprheritage.com - http://www.cprheritage.com/

Canadian Railroad History - Railway History __ Links to resources related to Canadian rail history. - From railscanada.com - http://www.railscanada.com/links/Canadian_Rail_History/

CN - History - Our Story __ History of the Canadian National Railway in the form of an interactive timeline. - From cn.ca - http://www.cn.ca/en/company-history-our-story.htm

Colin Churcher's Railway Pages __ A wealth of resources and click-to-read articles. - From railways.incanada.net - http://www.railways.incanada.net/


Introduction - The Kid's Site of Canadian Trains __ Canadian train history for kids.  Lots of audio. - From collectionscanada.gc.ca - http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/trains/kids/index-e.html

Links to Canadian Railway History Sites __ A collection of resources related to Canadian rail history. - From railwaybob.com - http://www.railwaybob.com/Links/Links_Railway_History.html

Niagara Falls Railroad History __ "Niagara Falls owes an everlasting part of its heritage based upon the development and advancement of railroad transportation. Railways have made the Niagara Frontier more accessible."  Information and resources. - From niagarafrontier.com - http://www.niagarafrontier.com/railroadhistory.html 

Nova Scotia's Railway Heritage __ "The Nova Scotia Railway Heritage Society is delighted to help introduce you to some of the railway history of Nova Scotia and to some of the museums in which you can relive past railway glories of one of Canada's most history-rich provinces." - From novascotiarailwayheritage.com - http://novascotiarailwayheritage.com/index.htm    

Rail Museums and Tourist Attractions in Canada __ Do you like to look at original railroad equipment rather than just read about it? Well here is your guide to rail museums in Canada. - From railscanada.com - http://www.railscanada.com/museums.shtml 

Rails Canada - Historical Canadian Railroads __ A great online resource where you will find links to almost 30 website about historic rail in Canada. - From railscanada.com - http://www.railscanada.com/history.shtml

Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario __ Learn about this acre railway museum. The museum features a century old railway station, station house, steam and diesel locomotives, plus much more. - illustrated - From sfrmeo.ca - http://www.sfrmeo.ca/

Significant Dates In Canadian Railway History __ Annotated timeline of Canadian railroad history. - From railways.incanada.net - http://www.railways.incanada.net/candate/candate.htm



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