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Architecture General Resources

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25 Beautiful Examples of Islamic Architecture Mosque __ Annotated gallery. - illustrated - From smashinghub.com - http://smashinghub.com/25-beautiful-examples-of-islamic-architecture-mosques.htm


97 Beautiful Examples of Islamic Architecture: Masjid around the world __ Brief article and annotated gallery. - illustrated - From ozoneeleven.com - http://www.ozoneeleven.com/showcases/97-beautiful-examples-islamic-architecture-mosques-around-the-world/


Arab and Islamic architecture __ You will find numerous resources covering several topics about Islamic architecture. - From al-bab.com - http://www.al-bab.com/arab/visual/architecture.htm


Arabic / Islamic architecture __ An overview and history of Islamic architecture including answering some important controversial questions. - illustrated - From catnaps.org - http://www.catnaps.org/islamic/islarch.html   


Architecture - The Alhambra __ "Of all their buildings, the Alhambra is universally considered to be the masterpiece of Spanish-Moslem art." You will find a text only overview originally published in 1915. - From oldandsold.com - http://www.oldandsold.com/articles10/famous-buildings-19.shtml 



Architecture of Muslim Spain and North Africa __ "Summarised extracts from a full article,..." After the abstract you will find several additional resources. - illustrated - From muslimheritage.com - http://www.muslimheritage.com/topics/default.cfm?ArticleID=260


Category:Islamic architecture __ Index of articles related to Islamic architecture found in Wikipedia - From Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Islamic_architecture


History of Islamic Architecture __ Photo essay about the earliest of Islamic buildings.  "The two large pilgrimage complexes in Medina and Mecca go back to the lifetime of the prophet. They started from humble palm huts where he taught and gave his sermons and have grown into vast structures which artistically own their final form to the Ottomans and the 80 years since 1922." - illustrated - From rolfgross.dreamhosters.com - http://rolfgross.dreamhosters.com/Islam-Web/Chapter%201.htm


International Center for Islamic Architecture from the Sunnah __ Collection of click-to-read papers about Islamic architecture and a gallery. - illustrated - From islamicarchitecture.wordpress.com - http://islamicarchitecture.wordpress.com/     

Islamic Architecture __ "This Web presentation explains in detail the historical and cultural significance of Islamic architecture. Very rich with information illustrated with photographs of dozens of works of art" - illustrated - From islamicart.com - http://www.islamicart.com/main/architecture/index.html 


Islamic Architecture __ You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_architecture


Islamic Architecture __ An overview and history of Islamic architecture in India. - illustrated - From vaastuinternational.com - http://www.vaastuinternational.com/planarch3.html


Islamic Architecture __ You will find a database of Islamic architectural styles, architects and regions - 872 Islamic buildings and monuments - illustrated - From islamic-architecture.info - http://www.islamic-architecture.info/



Islamic Architecture - Aga Khan Award for Architecture __ "Since the establishment of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture some two decades ago as an endeavour of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, there has been increasing awareness and appreciation of Islamic Art and Architecture." Learn about the award and how it has effected the way people view Islamic architecture and its history. Several click-to-read articles found near the bottom of the page. - illustrated - From amaana.org - http://www.amaana.org/tajik/sakarchit.htm 


Islamic Architecture - Great Buildings Online __ You will find click-to-view images and basic information about each. - illustrated - From Great Buildings Online - http://www.greatbuildings.com/types/styles/islamic.html


Islamic architecture - History for Kids! __ Brief introduction to Islamic architecture with embedded links to additional materials plus additional resources. -  illustrated - From historyforkids.org - http://www.historyforkids.org/learn/islam/architecture/ 
Islamic Architecture - mosques & palaces __ You will find detailed descriptions and images of dozens of structures. Just about all you need to know all in one place. - illustrated - From islamicarchitecture.org - http://www.islamicarchitecture.org/ 


Islamic Architecture | Real Virtual... __ A grand exposition of Islamic architecture with detailed text, panoramas, Quicktime interactive presentations and more. You may want to spend some time here. - illustrated - From Columbia University - http://www.mcah.columbia.edu/ha/html/islamic.html 


Islamic Architecture in Spain __ Short, annotated gallery. - illustrated - From .ne.jp - http://www.ne.jp/asahi/arc/ind/1_primer/questions/xspa_eng.htm

Mosques Around The World __ Here are several galleries and descriptions of mosques worldwide. - illustrated - From islamicity.com - http://www.islamicity.com/Culture/MOSQUES/


Searching for Meaning in Persian Islamic Architecture __ Paper dealing with historic and modern architecture in Iran. A PDF file - From ilexfoundation.org - http://ilex.ilexfoundation.org/pdf/mesa/ghassemi600.pdf  

The Wisdom Fund Picture Gallery __ Gallery and descriptions of some Islamic architectural landmarks in India. - illustrated - From twf.org - http://www.twf.org/Gallery.html 



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