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Canadian Genealogy and History Links - Manitoba __ A compilation of resources and links related to the history of Manitoba. - From Jessica Veinot - http://www.islandnet.com/~jveinot/cghl/manitoba.html

History of Manitoba __ "Manitoba is one of Canada's 10 provinces. It was officially recognized by the Federal Government in 1870 as separate from the Northwest Territories, and became the first province created from the Territories." An encyclopedic article about the history of Manitoba. - From wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Manitoba

History of Manitoba __ Article, annotated timeline and links to related topics. - From howstuffworks.com - http://history.howstuffworks.com/canadian-history/history-of-manitoba.htm

Lord Selkirk Settlers __ "Selkirk's Settlers, however, were quite distinct from all these. They were people he helped to come to Red River. They came as farmers and took no part in the fur trade."  An overview. - From mhs.mb.ca - http://www.mhs.mb.ca/docs/pageant/07/selkirksettlers.shtml

Lower Fort Garry __ "Step back in time to the 19th century fur trade at the oldest stone fur trading post still intact in North America." Click on "Learn More" for detailed information. - illustrated - From Parks Canada - http://parkscanada.gc.ca/lhn-nhs/mb/fortgarry/index_e.asp
Manitoba Act, 1870 __ This is the text of the document which created the Province of Manitoba. - From William F. Maton - http://www.solon.org/Constitutions/Canada/English/ma_1870.html


Manitoba Historical Society __ "Founded in June 1879 by an Act of the Manitoba Legislature, the Manitoba Historical Society (MHS) is the oldest organization in western Canada devoted to the promotion of public interest in, and preservation of, the regionís historical resources." Learn about the organization, goals, accomplishments and activities. - illustrated - From mhs.mb.ca - http://www.mhs.mb.ca/

Manitoba History __ A brief, general overview of the history of Manitoba. - From iexplore.com - http://www.iexplore.com/dmap/Manitoba/History

Manitoba: History and People __ A history of early Manitoba. - From educationworld.net - http://library.educationworld.net/canadafacts/mb_history.html

Province of Manitoba | Archives of Manitoba __ An excellent source of written, visual and aural information about the history of Manitoba - illustrated - From Government of Manitoba - http://www.gov.mb.ca/chc/archives/

Quick Fact - Manitoba History __ Timeline of Manitoba development. "10-13000 BC - First evidence of nomadic hunters entering Manitoba from the south-west. Developing grasslands in south provided abundant hunting territory." - From travelmanitoba.com - http://www.travelmanitoba.com/default.asp?page=135&node=590




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