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To European Archaeology Albania through Ireland

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Ancient Scotland __ Visit, view, and learn about the archaeological sites of Scotland from prehistoric through the Roman era. - photos - From Martin McCarthy - http://www.ancient-scotland.co.uk/

Ancient Scotland Tour __ Travelling Through Prehistory - A tour of the stone monument archaeological sites of ancient Scotland - photos and other illustrations - http://www.stonepages.com/tour/

Dunragit Excavation 1999 __ Homepage for the University of Southampton excavations at Dunragit, Scotland in 1999 - photos - By the University of Southampton - http://orgs.man.ac.uk/research/dunragit/


Orkneyjar - The Heritage of the Orkney Islands __ This website is stunning. The amount of archaeological information is enormous even though the website is about the Orkney Islands in general - photos and other illustrations - http://orkneyjar.com/

The Tarbat Discovery Programme __ About the excavation of St Colman's Church and other archaeological research at Pictish, Norse, and medieval sites in the area - photos - From the University of York - http://www.york.ac.uk/depts/arch/staff/sites/tarbat/


Wales Archaeology

Abbey Cwmhir, Radnorshire __ "Recent reconsolidation work on the remains of the 12th-century Cistercian abbey at Abbeycwmhir in northern Radnorshire (SO05557110) has revealed further detail regarding the plan and construction of the building. A detailed stone-for-stone survey of the surviving wall facing was undertaken by the Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust in 1988 with a small Community Programme team. The survey has now been repeated following the reconsolidation, with funding by Cadw: Welsh Historic Monuments. " This is an overview of the findings where you will find information ranging from the survey to building methods. - illustrated - From Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust - http://www.cpat.org.uk/projects/longer/abbeyc/abbeyc.htm

Neolithic & Bronze Age Wales __ Covering many of the constructions and the history of Wales during the Neolithic and Bronze Ages - photos - several language options - http://web.ukonline.co.uk/heroese/

Stones of Wales __ This website covers about a dozen standing stone, dolmen and burial sites in Wales. You will find good photos and texts. - From Stonepages.com - http://www.stonepages.com/wales/wales.html



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