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The peoples of Africa are often described in terms of their ethnic background or their languages.  There are several thousand ethnic groups in Africa, ranging in physical stature from the short Pygmies to the tall Maasai, each with its own cultural traditions.  Here are only a few of them.

Laka   Lega   Lobi   Luba   Luchazi   Luluwa   Lunda   Luvale   Lwalwa  Maasai  Makonde   Mambila   Mangbetu   Manja   Mbole   Mende   Mitsogo   Mossi   Mumuye  Ngbaka   Nkanu   Nok   Nuna   Oron  Owo   Pende   Pokot   Punu   San   Senufo   Shambaa   Shona   Songo   Songye   Suku   Swahili   Tabwa   Tuareg   Urhobo  We  Wimiama   Wodaabe   Wolof   Woyo   Wum   Yaka   Yombe   Yoruba   Zaramo   Zulu



Please note:  Some of the peoples and associations presented here are so closely related that more than one topic heading may apply.  For example, The Akan people are given a page of their own, yet the Asante ( Ashanti ) are also an Akan people, as are the Akuapem.  So, a full search for the 'Akan' may involve looking at pages dedicated to sub-groups as well.  Some sub-group pages may contain only a link or two, but they are still part of a much larger picture.

You will find a similar relationship among some of other peoples listed here.  This is a case where a little advanced knowledge of the subject may be an advantage when using these pages.

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Civilizations in Africa: The Swahili Kingdoms __ A great look at the Swahili kingdoms from their beginnings through 17th century. - From Richard Hooker - http://www.wsu.edu:8080/~dee/CIVAFRCA/SWAHILI.HTM

The Kamusi Project -- The Internet Living Swahili Dictionary __ "The Internet Living Swahili Dictionary is a collaborative work by people all over the world. Together we are working to establish new dictionaries of the Swahili language - Kiswahili - both within Swahili and between Swahili and English. We are preparing print-based dictionaries and multi-media computer applications, all accessible to you through this home page." You will find slide shows, history and more - illustrated - From Yale University - http://www.yale.edu/swahili/ 

Retelling the Story __ You will find a good article and a small collection of videos relating to the Swahili people, history and language. - illustrated - From PBS/Wonders of the African World - http://www.pbs.org/wonders/Episodes/Epi2/2_retel0.htm

The Swahili __ A overview of Swahili culture with an audio component. - From BBC - http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/africa/features/storyofafrica/index_section5.shtml 
Swahili coast __ A Swahili culture rich site including news, music, articles and more. Plug-ins needed for some features. - illustrated - From mwambao.com - http://www.mwambao.com/ 


Swahili Culture __ An extensive site covering many aspects of Swahili culture and history. - illustrated - From swahili.ca - http://www.swahili.ca/culture.html 
Swahili - Kiswahili __ A page focusing on the Swahili culture and language. Background, links and tips for learning Swahili. - illustrated - From Jacob Crawfurd - http://crawfurd.dk/africa/swahili.htm 

Swahili People __ An encyclopedic article with links to related materials - From Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swahili_people


Swahili People __ "The inhabitants of the coastal areas of Kenya, Tanzania, and Mozambique share history, language, and cultural traditions, which some Swahili scholars claim date to at least 100 A.D., when an anonymous Greek traveler and author of The Periplus of the Erytharaean Sea wrote about a place in east Africa, which Arabs frequented to trade with those living on the mainland." You will find material related to art, culture, history, religion, political structure and more. - From University of Iowa - http://www.uiowa.edu/~africart/toc/people/Swahili.html

Zanzibar Swahili Culture __ "Zanzibaris speak Swahili (known locally as Kiswahili), a language which is spoken extensively in East Africa...Many believe that the purest form is spoken in Zanzibar as it is the birth place of the language." Learn about the language, music, history and current events. - illustrated - From zanzibarmagic.com - http://www.zanzibarmagic.com/english2nd/culture.htm 


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