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18th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry __ You will find history, roster, battles and more for this unit. - From -

Fort Wagner and the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry __ "Tired, hungry and proud, the black soldiers of the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry stood in the light of the setting sun and awaited the call to battle on the evening of July 18, 1863. The air was filled with the rumble of big guns, and the very ground on Morris Island, South Carolina, trembled beneath their feet."  You will want to read this. - From - 

List of Massachusetts Civil War units __ A list but most of the links lead to only 'stubs.'. - from wikipedia - 

Massachusetts in the American Civil War __ "Massachusetts was among the first states to respond President Lincoln's call for troops. Massachusetts was the first state to recruit, train and arm a black regiment, with white officers, the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry."  You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - From wikipedia -


Massachusetts Artillery __ "Descriptive information on Civil War regiments and battalions." - From - 

Massachusetts Civil War Research Center__ "This site contains a comprehensive collection of information pertaining to soldiers, sailors and marines who served in Massachusetts units and regiments during the Civil War. Information found on this site was taken in part from documents prepared, compiled and published by the Adjutant General's Office of Massachusetts in 1888." You will find a searchable database of over 150,000 soldiers, sailors and marines as well as brief histories of 73 Massachusetts regiments which fought in the Civil War. - From -

Massachusetts Towns in the Civil War: Wayland, MA as a Case Study __ Actually a lesson plan. Goals and procedure. - From -


MassHome Directory of Massachusetts Civil War Web Sites__ You will find a directory of sites which include Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry, Reenactment Units, Information Resources, Web Rings, Historic Sites, and Historical Societies - From - 
Reminiscences of the Nineteenth Massachusetts Regiment __ Read a first person account of this regiment by Captain John G.B. Adams - illustrated - From Kerry Webb - 

Union Regiments - Massachusetts __ Organization and service history of Massachusetts military units (cavalry, artillery, infantry). - From The Civil War Archive - 


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