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And Just What other American Presidents were there?  Several Actually.

There were also Other First Ladies and Official Hostesses

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The American Experience: The Presidents___"In all, The Presidents is comprised of 47 hours of broadcast programming detailing the lives of people who collectively held the most powerful office in the world.... The site includes a summary page for each chief executive, provides Featured Presidents, an in-depth look at the presidents in the broadcast series line-up, and includes resources such as links to presidential sites, a detailed bibliography and a comprehensive collection of primary sources. Of special note is an expanded Teacher's Guide for each of the featured presidents, which provides instructional activities and suggestions for using the programs in the classroom."  - Illustrated - PBS - http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/presidents/index.html 

American Presidents: Life Portraits___"This web site, created for the television series, contains a complete video archive of all American Presidents: Life Portraits programming, plus..." biographical facts, key events of each presidency, presidential places and reference material. - Illustrated - From C-SPAN - http://www.americanpresidents.org 

Another Watergate? ___This article's author points out the few similarities and the many difference between the Nixon and Clinton scandals. - Text only - By Robert McElvaine - http://www2.h-net.msu.edu/~hns/articles/1998/021198a.html 

Apologizing for Slavery___The issue here is whether or not the U.S. should apologize for slavery and whether the presidents before emancipation should be held liable. - Text only - By William C. Kashatus - http://www2.h-net.msu.edu/~hns/articles/1997/121797a.html  

The Broken Scandal-Reform Cycle___An article about campaign contribution scandals and reform over the years. - Text only - By Robert E. Mutch - http://www2.h-net.msu.edu/~hns/articles/1999/102199a.html 

Case of the Disappearing Vice President___An article about "presidential stability and the vice presidency." - Text only - By By Ira Chernus - http://www2.h-net.msu.edu/~hns/articles/2001/010301a.html 


Dead Presidents: Causes of Death___A list of causes of death for each president. - Text only - From Manus Hand - http://starship.python.net/crew/manus/Presidents/faq/causes.html 

Disputed Elections: An American Tradition___An article about the history of contested elections and ballots. - Text only - By Holly Brewer and Laurie Burnham - http://www2.h-net.msu.edu/~hns/articles/2000/111500a.html 

Explore History___Here you can get free access to political cartoons and information about elections, 1860-1912, from the pages of Harper's Weekly. - Illustrated - From HarpWeek.com - http://www.harpweek.com 

The Great Debates of Nixon and Kennedy___Three brief pages with which provide a history of televised presidential debates. - Illustrated - From the Library of Congress - http://www.americaslibrary.gov/jb/modern/jb_modern_debates_1.html 

Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents___The complete text of every inaugural address, from George Washington to George W. Bush. Scroll down the page or use the search engine. - Text only - From Bartleby.com - http://www.bartleby.com/124/index.html 

John's Word Search Puzzles: U.S. Presidents___Print out this page to begin finding the names of the U.S. presidents. - Text only - From John R. Potter - http://www.thepotters.com/puzzles/presidents.html 

Let's Hear it for the Losers___Interesting information about some presidential election losers. How quickly we forget!. - Text only - By J. Barton Starr - http://www2.h-net.msu.edu/~hns/articles/2000/101700a.html  

Payoff to the Vice President, 1971___"Agnew has the dubious distinction of being the first Vice President to depart office with a criminal record." What you'll find here "... is excerpted from the Justice Department transcripts of interviews with Lester Matz." - Illustrated - From Ibis Communications, Inc. - http://www.eyewitnesstohistory.com/agnew.htm 

Presidential Assassinations, Attempts, and a Typical Motorcade___"Since 1835, there have been thirteen attempts on eleven Presidents." From this website you can learn which attempts were successful and which failed. Also, you'll find "... the approximate order and occupants of a typical presidential motorcade..." - Text only - From John T. Marck - http://www.aboutfamouspeople.com/article1135.html 

Presidential Electoral Controversy Nothing New in Florida___This article was written at the time of the 2000 presidential election. In it you'll find a comparison of that election to one in 1876. - Text only - By Matthew A. Redinger - http://www2.h-net.msu.edu/~hns/articles/2000/111100a.html 

Presidential Succession___Most of us know that the vice president succeeds his president if necessary, but what if the VP cannot assume those duties? This page provides the list of 16 others in order of succession as designated by the 25th amendment. - Text only - From John T. Marck - http://www.aboutfamouspeople.com/article1136.html 

Presidential Tragedies___"The White House and the Presidency may be an enchanting life, but it has had its share of tragedies." Find some of those tragedies listed here. - Text only - From PageWise, Inc. - http://ky.essortment.com/presidentialass_rekt.htm

The Presidents On the Fourth of July___"This chronology gives information on what the presidents were doing on the Fourth of July, but only during their tenures as presidents. Of course, many of the presidents remained in the public eye after leaving office, giving speeches and participating in a variety of activities. Information on some of the significant post-office activities may be found in the general chronology." - Text only - http://www.american.edu/heintze/FourthPres.htm  

Vincent Voice Library:U.S. Presidents of The 20th Century___One hundred years of recordings for 21 presidents, beginning with Benjamin Harrison. (Realplayer or MP3 capable player required). - Illustrated - From NGSW - http://www.lib.msu.edu/vincent/presidents/index.htm 

WorldHistory.com: Presidents of the United States___A comprehensive website with everything you might need to know about the office of United States president, from requirements to hold office to salary and perks. - Illustrated - From WorldHistory.com - http://www.worldhistory.com/wiki/P/President-of-the-United-States.htm 


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