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10 Most Impressive Ancient Inca Ruins __ A photo essay about impressive Inca ruins. - illustrated - From -


1492 - The Andes __ The way things were in the Inca civilization in 1492 when the New World was re-discovered by European explorers. - photos -


Ancient Inca __ A great website for kids which has a full overview of the Inca civilization found in its resources list.  Some great resources at that. - illustrated - From - 

Ancient Inca Irrigation Works Restored, Raise Record Crops __ Learn how the restoration of ancient irrigation systems has improved crop production. - From Susan Litherland -


Ancient Inca Society __ "When the gold-seeking Spanish conquistadors reached Peru in 1532, they encountered the vast empire of a Quechua-speaking people called the Incas. The great civilization of the Incas extended along the Pacific coast of South America from modern Ecuador southward to central Chile and inland across the Andes."  A good general overview of Inca civilization but not really that much about 'society.' - From ivcc.ed / Britannica Online -


Ancient Religion of the Incas __ "The Incas emphasized the arrangement of space into a sacred geography made up of "huacas". A huaca refers to any person, place, or thing with supernatural power. Examples range from prominent features of the landscape, like mountain peaks, stone outcroppings, or springs, to oddly shaped or colored pebbles and plants."  A general overview of ancient Inca religion. - illustrated - From -  
Chronicles of the Incas, 1540 __ A view of the Incan economy from conquistador Pedro de Cieza de L้on. - From Modern History Sourcebook -


The conquest of the Inca Empire __ "The Inca Empire was established in 1476 AD. By the time of the arrival of the first Europeans in 1532, the empire extended the length of the coast and controlled parts of Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, northwestern Argentinia and northern Chile."  You will finds an excellent essay. - From / Mike Brass -




Cuzco, Ancient Capital of the Inca Empire, Peru __ A video with scenes of Cuzco, including what the Spanish did with Inca stonework and the main Inca temple, a segment from "The Inca Lost and Found." - video -  

Exploring the Inca Heartland __ Mark Rose and Angela Schuster of Archaeology magazine takes an in depth look at the Inca Empire. - illustrated - From Archaeological Institute of America -

History of the Incas __ "The Inca Empire was an empire centered in what is now Peru from AD 1438 to AD 1533. Over that period, the Inca used conquest and peaceful assimilation to incorporate in their empire a large portion of western South America, centered on the Andean mountain ranges." An encyclopedic article. - From wikipedia - 

Inca __ Children of the Sun - Descriptions of Inca royalty and daily life - illustrated -  


Inca Architecture __ Introduction to Inca architecture. - Inca photos and other illustrations - From Rutahsa Adventures, Inc. -

Inca Civilization __ "Inca can be spelled Inka and was known as Tiwantinsuya." read about Inca history, their origins and culture, find a king list and much more. - illustrated - From -
Inca civilization of Peru South America __ Photography of images of archaeology in the Inca civilization of Peru, South America. Inca photos, Inca pictures. - illustrated - From -


Inca Clothing : A brief on Ancient Inca Clothing __ You will find an article about ancient Inca clothing, costume, dress culture, painting and more. - From -


Inca Empire __ "The Inca Empire (or Inka Empire) was the largest empire in pre-Columbian America. The administrative, political and military center of the empire was located in Cuzco." An encyclopedic article. - From wikipedia - 

Inca Empire __ Introduction to the Inca empire. - photos, history, various topics -


Inca Empire __ You will find a list of resources about the Inca and their civilization. - From -


Inca Food : Foods in Ancient days __ "It is believed that one of the reasons behind the mighty growth of Inca Empire was the techniques they developed to store and preserve foods. They had storehouse of foods throughout the Empire."  An overview of ancient Inca foods. - From - 

Inca History __ You will find a king list and an overview of Inca history. - From - 


Inca Society __ Learn about the social divisions within Inca society.  Only the king was called "Inca." - From -


The Incredible Incas for Kids __ Here are resources, articles, games and more about the Inca for kids. - From -  

Machu Picchu __ A Photographic Journey - For a more comprehensive tour enter any of the pictures and follow the links. Inca photos, Inca pictures. - illustrated - From - 

Mummies of the Inca/Buried Artifacts __ "This is a part of larger site dealing with Sara Sara, a sacrificial mountain of great religious importance to the Inca people. There are several photos with text explanations and an on-site link to the ceremony surrounding child sacrifice." - Illustrated - From PBS -  

National Geographic Inca Mummies: Pictures, Maps, Links __ "Get information about mummies found beneath a Peruvian shantytown, see photos of them, unwrap a virtual mummy, download Inca Empire maps, and more." - illustrated - From National Geographic Society - 


NOVA Online | Ice Mummies of the Inca __ "NOVA presents an online expedition to Peru to search for Incan mummies at the top of Mt. Sara Sara" - illustrated - From NOVA -

Pacaritambo __ Online magazine about Machu Picchu. Inca pictures, articles and more. - illustrated - From -




PERU: Ancient Inca Irrigation Works Restored, Raise Record Crops __ You will find a news release detailing how the old ways are much more productive than the new. - From - 


Peruvian Whistling Vessels That Alter Consciousness __ "For over two thousand years the vessels were part of generation after generation of Peruvian people. Around 1532AD the makers of Peruvian whistling vessels were conquered by the Spanish. Corresponding to this date the vessels effectively ceased to exist!"  Here is a good overview of these amazing instruments. - From -


Quipu - Ancient Writing System of the Incas Quipu __ "The quipu (also spelled khipu or quipo) is the only known precolumbian information system in South America."  A general overview plus links to additional resources. - from -  
Talking Knots of the Inka __ "An Inka accounting system that used knotted strings called quipus to record numerical data has long been known to scholars. The complexity and number of knots indicated the contents of warehouses, the number of taxpayers in a given province, and census figures. Were quipus also used to record calendars, astronomical observations, accounts of battles and dynastic successions, and literature? If so, all knowledge of such use has been lost--or has it?" Find out for yourself. - From Archaeological Institute of America -  



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