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California Geography __ "Information about California state geography, topography, and climate. Land formations, major rivers, geographic center of California." - illustrated - From -

California Geography __ "California is a land a tremendous geographic diversity. It has over 1200 miles of coast line, and two of the continent's most protected bays, San Francisco and San Diego. It is home to numerous rugged mountain ranges..."  An essay stylr overview of California geography. - From -

California Geography: California Regions and Landforms __ A general overview of California geography divided into a series of articles by region. - From -

California Geography and Maps __ You will find a collection of resources related to California geography. - From -


California's Coastal Geography __ You will find links and/or information regarding the geography of the California coast. - From -

Category:Geography of California __ A gallery of photos and other images relating to California geography along with links to additional materials. - illustrated - From -

Geography of California __ Here is information about California geography in text and outline. - From -

Geography of California __ "The geography of California is diverse. There are alpine mountains, foggy coastlines, hot deserts, and a fertile central valley."  You will find an encyclopedic article along with links to related materials. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

A guide to the state of California - Geography __ You will find California State maps and general geography information. - From -

Merriam-Webster Map of California __ Clear and detailed map along with basic geographic facts. - From -

Mythical Geography: California as an Island __ "Perhaps the most famous geographic myth is California shown as an island. The earliest maps of North America showed California as a peninsula, based on the reports of Francisco de Ulloa who explored the Bay of California in 1539."  You will find an interesting article. - From -



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