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Ancient Neolithic Architecture - Great Buildings Online __ You will find a couple of examples in image and text. - illustrated - From Great Buildings Online -


Architecture: Prehistoric Structures __ A dated overview of prehistoric structures with some marvelous drawings. - illustrated - From -


Catal Hoyuk Architecture - __ Learn about the architecture of the world's oldest known settlement. - illustrated - From -


First Came the Mammoth, Then Came Architecture __ Learn about homes built from mammoth bones, Catal Hoyuk, and much more. - illustrated - From - 


Japan: Prehistoric architecture __ Architecture from the prehistoric Jomon period of Japan. - illustrated - From -


Megalithic Temples of Malta __ An encyclopedic article with links to related resources. - illustrated - From Wikipedia -



Neolithic Architecture __ You will find an encyclopedia article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From Wikipedia - 
Neolithic Architecture __ Here is a history of the development of Neolithic architecture in and around Greece. - illustrated - From Foundation of the Hellenic World -


Neolithic Architecture __ "Neolithic Architecture emerged as people changed from living as Nomadic 'Hunter Gatherers' to permanently settling in specific areas. The Neolithic Period - also known as the Stone Age - dates to between 3000 - 1800 BC."  An overview. - From -


Neolithic Architecture __ "There are five examples of Neolithic architecture in our database so far." - illustrated - From -


Neolithic architecture __ A collection of online encyclopedic references and resources. - From -


Newgrange __ Video introduction to the Newgrange passage tomb.  You may also find many additional video about Newgrange. - narrated - video -    


Prehistoric Architecture __ You will find a few click-to-enlarge images of Stonehenge - illustrated - From Boston College - 


Prehistoric Architecture __ "Architecture, with all its varying phases and complex developments, must have had a simple origin in the primitive efforts of mankind to provide protection against inclement weather, wild beasts, and human enemies." You will find an essay. - From -


Prehistoric Architecture __ Glossary, articles, images, resources and more. - illustrated - From -




The prehistoric architecture __ A very brief summary of prehistoric architecture, sort of lost between the ads. - From -


Prehistoric Architecture: The Neolithic Period __ A general overview of Neolithic architecture plus additional resources. - From -  
The Prehistoric Architecture of Oceania __ "Like giant footsteps across the islands of Oceania, our prehistoric forefathers left behind some very imposing architectural creations to mark their passing. From the most western islands of Micronesia, throughout Melanesia and the far-flung islands of Polynesia through to distant Easter Island there remain vast monuments to the passing of prehistoric man." - illustrated - From -


Prehistoric Temples Of Malta __ "The prehistoric temples of Malta are unique in all the world. They are the oldest standing stone structures which remain to us from ancient times."  Overview and images. - illustrated - From -  

Prehistoric Structures and Stone Circles and Megaliths and ... __ "Your source for information on architecture in prehistoric times, with facts and photos for stone circles, megaliths and other prehistoric structures." - illustrated - From -




Primitive and Prehistoric Architecture __ A good general look at prehistoric architecture. - From -


Russian Architecture: Pre-History __ Detailed overview with images, history and much more. - illustrated - From -


Stonehenge __ An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From Wikipedia -


Stonehenge - Facts Quick and Easy for Students and Tourists __ A very comprehensive site about Stonehenge.  Use the links to the left to navigate. - illustrated - From - 


Stones of England - Avebury stone circles and earthworks __ "Avebury is the largest stone circle in the world: it is 427m (1401ft) in diameter covers an area of some 28 acres (11.5 ha)."  An overview and image. - illustrated - From -   


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