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The Atlas of Canada - Nunavut __ "A political map of Nunavut showing boundaries, the territorial capital, selected populated places with names, selected drainage with names and selected ..." - From Natural Resources Canada -

CanadaInfo: Provinces and Territories: Nunavut __ A brief overview including symbols, short description, downloads and a few famous people. A good website for the younger student. - illustrated - From CanadaInfo -


Maps of Nunavut - Flags, Maps, Economy, Geography, Climate ... __ Several Nunavut maps and a lot of additional information besides. - From -

Nunatsiaq News __ Up-to-date online news from Nunavut. - Illustrated - From Nortext Publishing Corporation -

Nunavut __ " the largest and newest territory of Canada; it was separated officially from the Northwest Territories on April 1, 1999 via the Nunavut Act[4] and the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement Act[5], though the actual boundaries were established in 1993. The creation of Nunavut resulted in the first major change to Canada's map since the incorporation of the new province of Newfoundland and Labrador in 1949." An encyclopedic article. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

Nunavut Atlas: Maps and Online Resources __ Map of Nunavut & articles on flags, geography, history, statistics, disasters current events, and international relations. - From -

Nunavut Canada map and information page __ Nunavut maps and resources for Nunavut maps along with access to much additional about Nunavut. - From -


Nunavut Economic Development __ "Look up north. Look up Nunavut – our vast land, comprising almost two million square kilometres between the Arctic Ocean, Hudson Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean. Within Nunavut (which means “our land,” in Inuktitut), is 20 per cent of Canada’s land mass, and two-thirds of Canada’s coastline! As the Arctic Ocean becomes more accessible, Nunavut's strategic position for Canada's security and sovereignty grows in importance." Learn what the economic future of Nunavut may be. - From -

Nunavut Environmental Database __ Searchable database on Nunavut's environmental issues. A website more for the older student or teacher who is familiar with this type of search interface. -

Nunavut Photos __ Beautiful click-to-enlarge photos of Nunavut nature, flowers, landscapes, more. - illustrated - From -

Nunavut Photos __ Pages of annotated, click-to-enlarge Nunavut photos. Pictures of Nunavut. - illustrated - From -

Nunavut Photos: Photos of Nunavut, Northern Canada __ A few dozen click-to-view galleries of Nunavut photos. Nunavut pictures - illustrated - From -

Nunavut pictures, Nunavut images __ "Pictures of Nunavut. Welcome to the InfoHub Nunavut pictures and images page. Here you will find a treasure of information with regard to the pictures of Nunavut as well as a wealth of information on the subject of Nunavut images and photos." - From -


Nunavut Planning Commission __ "NPC's main function is to develop land use plans, policies and objectives that guide resource use and development throughout Nunavut, with an emphasis on protecting and promoting the existing and future well-being of the residents and communities of the Nunavut Settlement Area. It should be noted that the term "land use" also includes water, wildlife and offshore areas. " You will find an overview, news, maps, mission statement and more. - illustrated - From Nunavut Planning Commission -
Nunavut Tourism __ All you need to know to plan a business trip or a great adventure vacation. You will find information about hunting and fishing, culture, adventures, bvusiness travel and much more. - illustrated - From -

Welcome to Nunavut Parks __ You will find information about of all Nunavut territorial parks, preserves and protected lands. - illustrated - From -


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