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BBC NEWS | Europe | Boom for black tourism in Paris __ Paris is becoming a tourist destination for African-Americans eager to explore a city which became a magnet for black artists and intellectuals. - From BBC -

Best Paris Sights and Attractions - Top Paris Tourist Attractions __ Overviews of several Paris attractions and links to many more. - illustrated - From -  

Cathedral of Notre Dame __ Official cathedral website with visiting hours, service times, history and general information about the cathedral. - illustrated - From - 

Montmartre __ Learn about the church and its history along with service times, and more. Also learn the history of the 'sacred' hill itself. It was considered a "holy" place long before Christianity entered the scene. - illustrated - From -

Musee du Louvre - Paris - Reviews of Musee du Louvre __ Since the 'official' website for the Louvre is only in French, You can still get some good information from this page, including reviews by people who have visited there. - From -

The official site of the Eiffel Tower __ "The official Eiffel Tower website: 500 pages, 1,000 illustrations, 360° & 3-D virtual visits, videos of the millennium sparkling lights and fireworks display, documentation, games..." - illustrated - From - 

Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau __ You will find travel and tourism information about Paris translated to twelve languages. Just about all you need to plan a vacation or business trip to the French capital. - illustrated - From -

Paris Golf Courses - Paris Tee Times - Paris Golf Holidays __ A commercial site but l9oades with information about golf in Paris. - From -

Paris Restaurants | Fodor's Restaurant Reviews __ "A new wave of culinary confidence is running through one of the world's great food cities and spilling over both banks of the Seine. Whether cooking up grand-mère's roast chicken and riz au lait or placing a whimsical hat of cotton candy atop wild-strawberry-and-rose ice cream, Paris chefs are breaking free from the tyranny of tradition and following their passions."  Click-to-read reviews and articles about Paris restaurants. - From -

Paris Shopping - Reviews __ "...1898 tips on where to shop and what to buy in Paris, France from real travelers and locals." - From -   

Paris Tourism : Introduction to Paris, France __ A general overview of Paris and its attractions. - From - 

Paris Tourism - Paris Vacation Reviews - Paris Vacations... __ You will find articles, resources and reviews. - illustrated - From -

Paris Tourism and Tourist Information: __ "Paris, France is one of the most fascinating cities in Europe, and tourists to this wonderful city will find that things to see and do are almost limitless. Known as the 'City of Light', the beauty of Paris is overwhelming and architectural and artistic heritage combine to make any visit an unforgettable experience." This and much more. - illustrated - From - 

Paris Travel Guide | Paris Tourism | Paris Vacations __ "Plan your trip with insights from real travelers and a Free Trip Planner. Find Paris travel guides, blogs and reviews to help plan your vacation." - illustrated - From - 

Top Paris Attractions __ "Six attractions in Paris draw a whopping 23.5 million visitors yearly. With the hundreds of museums and monuments in the grand City of Light, take this short list to be sure you catch the best spots. After all, could millions of people be THAT wrong?" - From -

Tourism Guide of Paris Ile de France __ There is a lot of information here to help plan your trip with many articles and resources. - illustrated - From -


Travel for Kids: Paris, France __ Here are many fun things you can do with your kids in Paris. - illustrated - From -

Travel with Kids: 38 Things to Do in Paris, France with Kids __ "For families considering a first trip to Europe with kids, Paris is my top recommendation. There are parks and kids activities all over the city (including near the major tourist destinations)."  A good overview of kid friendly Paris. - illustrated - From -  

Where to Eat in Paris - Paris Dining and Restaurant Guide __ "Some of the world's finest cuisine can be found in Paris. Be sure you hit the best restaurants or the best bargains for food while you are there."  General information and links to additional material about Paris restaurants. - From -

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