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Western Samoa (officially known as Independent Samoa) has the most tourist appeal. There are two main islands, both with stunning secluded beaches and coastal views, some lovely waterfalls and lots of traditional fishing villages.

Neighbouring American Samoa, just to the south east, shares an identical culture and language but was taken over by America in 1899 and remains a US territory. Although its traditional culture and lifestyle has been eroded on the outside, the people are still very much Polynesians at heart.

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Category:Samoan people __ Index of Wikipedia articles related to Samoan people. - From wikipedia -

Culture of American Samoa - History and ethnic relations, Urbanism ... __ A general overview of Samoan history, culture, food and diet, and more. - From -

Culture of Samoa __ "The traditional Culture of Samoa is a communal way of life. In the Samoan culture all activities are done together. There are 3 main parts in the Samoan culture, that is Faith, Family and Music."  an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - From wikipedia -

The People of Samoa by Samoa Koria __ Read about Samoan history, learn about Samoan canoes and how to say hello and good-bye. - illustrated - From - 


PlanetPapers - Samoan Language __ A good overview. "The Samoan language cannot be considered as strong language, and few letters of the alphabet are put to use. D and B are never used; H, R, and K are of rare occurrence, which are found in words that have been introduced. All words have a vowel termination, and their etymological forms are constructed by the employment of particles attached to the roots, thereby forming agglutinative or polysynthetic words." - From - 

Prominent Samoans __ You will find biographical sketches of many prominent Samoans in government, education, military and more. - From Unknown - 

Samoa - Origin of Name... __ "Numerous legends have been created about the first people who populated the islands, and the origin of the name Samoa. These legends, with several versions of each, have been handed down through the generations." Here is a generalized version. - From - 


Samoa - Samoan Culture __ "Fa'a Samoa, means the Samoan Way. This is an all encompassing concept that dictates how Samoans are meant to behave. It refers to the obligations that a Samoan owes their family, community and church and the individuals sense of Samoan identity. The concept of respect is also very important. You must always respect you betters, this includes those older than you, matais, ministers, politicians doctors and teachers. This unquestioning demand for respect is taking its toll in modern Samoa as the younger generation, which is invariably better educated than its predecessors, constantly finds itself trying to balance the demands of a conservative Samoan society with its knowledge of the world, increasingly gathered from overseas education and experience. This has lead to one of the highest suicide rates in the world." Many articles and images - illustrated - From - 

Samoa - Tattoos __ tatoos seem to be a fairly common denominator for many Pacific cultures. Here is a history and explanation of Samoan tatoos. - illustrated - From - 


Samoan Culture Pictures __ Gallery of annotated click-to-enlarge pictures of Samoa. - illustrated - From -  

Samoan History and Archaeology Guide __ A very brief history of Samoa. You can also find information about other Pacific islands. - From -

Samoan People statistics __ All types of statistics about the Samoan people. - From -  

The Samoan Story of Creation __ The story along with an excellent explanation. - From -

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