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The resource links found on this page lead to more than  4000 recipes for using chocolate.  What is listed here is only a starting point since the number of such websites is enormous and constantly in flux.  It would be impossible to cover them all in a directory such as this. The ones selected have demonstrated 'stability' and may have a commercial element as well as excellent information.  Such selection does not constitute an endorsement of any commercial product by archaeolink.com or its editor.

All Easy Cooking recipes for the chocolate lover __ A collection of easy to prepare chocolate goodies. - From nancyskitchen.com - http://www.nancyskitchen.com/chocolate_recipes.htm 

 Best Chocolate Recipes __ A collection of dozens plus other information about chocolate. - From best-chocolate-recipes.com - http://www.best-chocolate-recipes.com/index.html  

Chocolate Arts __ Recipes for chocolate covered strawberries, sinful fudge, caramel apples and peanut butter cups. - From chocolate-arts.com - http://www.chocolate-arts.com/recipes.htm

Chocolate Cuisine __  "chocolate. Sometimes referred to as the Food of the Gods, chocolate has many culinary uses other than just desserts! Take a look at our thousands of chocolate recipes including entrees! Who said you can't have chocolate for dinner!" - From cdkitchen.com - http://chocolate.cdkitchen.com/

Chocolate Recipes __ You will find dozens - From ichef.com - http://www.ichef.com/recipe.cfm/category/Chocolate%20Recipes/task/categorysearch/recipecategoryid/44  

chocolate recipes for breakfast or brunch | chocolate recipes ... __ You will find dozens of recipes using chocolate, cookies, candy, cakes, mousse, much more. -  From thatsmyhome.com - http://www.thatsmyhome.com/chocolate/muffins.htm 

Chocolate Recipes - Recipes Using Cocoa Chocolate Milk Chocolate ... __ An assortment of recipes and other information. - From about.com - http://busycooks.about.com/od/chocolaterecipes/ 


Flora's Recipe Hideout __ A large collection of recipes using chocolate, alphabetically indexed. - From floras-hideout.com - http://www.floras-hideout.com/recipes/chocolate.html 

Glenn's Chocolate Recipe Collection __ You will find a personal collection which includes cakes, clusters, cheesecake, muffins, breads, mousse, biscotti, and truffles. - From Glenn DuHart - http://members.tripod.com/~ChocolateFantasy/reccol.htm 

Hershey's Chocolate Recipes __ Chocolate recipes in all kinds of categories such as breads, cookies, desserts and more. Just click on 'recipes.' - illustrated - From hersheys.com - http://www.hersheys.com/index.shtml

How Sweet It Is: Fudge and Candy Recipes __ This site provides recipes for the current month as well as previous months. Join the chocolate club, enter a contest, or read some chocolate trivia. - From sweetfudge.com - http://www.sweetfudge.com/

Lödahus Chokladkultur - Original recipes with chocolate in food ... __ You will find a collection of chocolate recipes from around the world (mostly Latin America) - illustrated - From chokladkultur.se - http://www.chokladkultur.se/recipe.htm 

RecipeLand.com: Chocolate __ Database of over 4000 recipes using chocolate. - From recipeland.com - http://recipeland.com/category/view/?cid=154



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