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Waimiri - Atroari People

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Atruahi Language and the Waimiri-Atroari Indian __ "Atruahi language information and introduction to the culture of the Waimiri Atroari Indians." - From native-languages.org - http://www.native-languages.org/atruahi.htm

Resources on the Waimiri-Atroari __ A collection of links and resources. - From mongabay.com - http://www.mongabay.com/indigenous_ethnicities/south_american/Waimiri-Atroari.html

Waimiri Atroari __ A general overview. - From braziltravel.com - http://www.braziltravel.com/amazon/indians/waimiri/index.htm

Waimiri-Atroari __ A general overview in the form of click-to-read articles. - From everyculture.com - http://www.everyculture.com/South-America/Waimiri-Atroari.html  

Waimiri-Atroari Fight ParanPanama for their Rights __ "The Waimiri-Atroari denounced damages caused to the environment by the company's mining activities, which have polluted the Alalau river that cuts the indigenous area." Learn more about this case and its effects. - From abyayala.nativeweb.org - http://abyayala.nativeweb.org/brazil/cimi/232.html

Waimiri-Atroarķ A language of Brazil __ Language information and a few stats. - From ethnologue.com - http://www.ethnologue.com/show_language.asp?code=atr

Waimiri-Atroari Indians __ A brief overview of Waimiri-Atroari Indians with one photo plus links. - illustrated - From indian-cultures.com - http://indian-cultures.com/Cultures/waimiri.html



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