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Acrylic paint __ An encyclopedic article about acrylic paint along with links to related materials. - From wikipedia -


All About Brushes __ Learn about the different types of brushes used by artists and how to use them. - illustrated - From - 

Arguments for and against using acrylics or oil paints from various artists __ The debate of whether to use acrylic paints or oil paints, whether one is better than the other seems to never end. Learn what various artists have to say about it. - From - 

Art Education: Free Oil Painting Lesson __ Here you will learn some of the basics of classical oil painting. Grab an apple, but don't eat it. Then just get started. - illustrated - From - 



elementary notions about oil painting __ An online art lesson with tips and information about pallet colors and tools. - illustrated - From Leon Engelen - 


Essay about acrylic Painting __ "Painting is for thinkers and painting with acrylics is like working at McDonalds, with better results though. You have to be quick and make many decisions very quickly. It is good training for other kinds of painting." - From -

FARP : Acrylic Painting __ Learn about the tools, media, and preparation necessary along with tips and techniques for painting and the use of acrylic color. - illustrated - From Elfwood Fantasy Art Resource - 
Hints and Tips from Grumbacher __ Hints and tips for using a variety of mediums including information about how to care for brushes and read paint tubes. - illustrated - From -



Introduction to Painting Tutorials __ You will find a number of articles and information about indirect painting methods plus four tutorials.- illustrated - From - 


Liquitex Techniques __ "Acrylics are one of the most versatile fine art mediums available and Liquitex strives to continue this trend by continually developing new products. This section will guide you through many different techniques and applications of acrylics. We are also lucky enough to receive tips from Liquitex users, which we also post in this section." - illustrated - From - 


modot cookbook for artists __ Nothing for dinner here. "The following recipes are all for water-based paints, this is because homemade water based paints are generally easier to produce and more reliable than are homemade oil colors." - illustrated - From Unknown -

Oil Painting __ A commercial site with a lot of information about how to paint with oils including types of oil paints and general information about how to use them. - From - 

Oil Painting __ An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From Wikipedia -  


A Painting Demonstration __ Here artist Charles Harrington presents a painting demonstration with acrylics. He concentrates on three areas where acrylics out perform other media. The use of multiple glazes, using a masking medium over painted areas, and merging transparent, translucent, and opaque presentation are demonstrated. - illustrated - From -

Painting With Acrylics __ "Gone are the days when acrylics were what artists allergic to the solvents in oil painting used. Acrylics have their own advantages, characteristics, and unique possibilities. Here you'll find helpful tips, essential techniques, and step-by-step demonstrations on using acrylic paints for artists of all levels." - From - 


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