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The links provided here are for the purpose of having online material where you can learn what each faith has to say about itself.  While these links are not about "religious anthropology" itself, having a knowledge of what each faith believes can be an important tool in many studies of the anthropology of religion.  

In the review annotations, I will let the site speak for itself as much as possible.

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The Amish __ A quick look at their history and beliefs. -

The Amish & Mennonites - Lancaster County, Pennsylvania __ Tour through Amish country and discover a way of life without technology. -

The Amish In Northern Indiana __ Describes the beliefs of this religion. View photos of Amish farms and antique quilts. -

Amish Photo Gallery Index __ A gallery of photos of the Amish people by Bill Coleman. -

The Amish And "The Plain People" __ In depth description about various aspects of the Amish. Are they the same as the Pennsylvania Dutch? -

Ask The Amish FAQ Page __ The Pennsylvania Dutch Country Welcome Center Ask The Amish FrequentlyAsked Questions. Why don't the Amish use electricity? -

Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online __ "The Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online is pleased to be able to make available a variety of other resources. These include the full text of significant Mennonite confessions of faith and position statements on a variety of issues. A few early confessions of other faith groups are also included. All of these documents include the "source document" watermark, to help the reader distinguish between encyclopedia articles and full-text source documents..." You will find a wealth of information. - illustrated - From - 

Leonard Gross Background Dynamics Of Amish Movement __ The perspective of Amishman Eli E. Gingerich on the Amish essence, its historical and theological roots. -

National Committee For Amish Religious Freedom __ Founded in 1967 at the University of Chicago for the purpose of preserving the religious liberty of the Amish. -

Origins Of The Old Order Amish __ Origins of the Old Order Amish The Amish, called "The Plain People" or Old Order Amish, originated in Switzerland about l525. They came from a division of the Mennonites or Anabaptists (Rebaptizers). -


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