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The links provided here are for the purpose of having online material where you can learn what each faith has to say about itself. While these links are not about "religious anthropology" per se, having a knowledge of what each faith believes can be an important tool in many studies of the anthropology of religion. 

In the review annotations, I will let the site speak for itself as much as possible.

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Conservative Mennonite Conference __ This is the official website of the Mennonite Conservative Conference. You will find a statement of faith, church and clergy directories, activities, goals and more. - From -

MennoLink __ This is a great starting point for the study of the Mennonite Church. You will find a wealth of resources. - illustrated - From - 

Mennonite Church USA __ "Mennonites are part of the larger Christian expression called Anabaptism (meaning "baptized again"). Our identity is founded in 475 years of witness since the Reformation. We enjoy a spiritual kinship with over a million Anabaptist related Christians worldwide. As you visit our site, get acquainted with who we are and who we are becoming. God is calling us to be a "missional church" with a witness to be shared across the street and around the world." Learn about the church, its goals and activities. - illustrated - From - 


Mennonite Confession of Faith; Introduction __ "Statements of what Mennonites believe have been among us from earliest beginnings. A group of Anabaptists, forerunners of Mennonites, wrote the Schleitheim Articles in 1527. Since then, Mennonite groups have produced numerous statements of faith. This Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective takes its place in this rich confessional history. The historic creeds of the early Christian church, which were assumed as foundational for Mennonite confessions from the beginning, are basic to this confession as well." - From - - __ You will find a guide to churches, organizations, activities and agencies of the Mennonite Church. - illustrated - From - 

Mennonite Weekly Review Online Edition __ You will find news and information relevant to Mennonites and Anabaptists. "An inter-Mennonite newspaper, putting the Mennonite world together every week since 1923" - illustrated - from - 

MWC - Mennonite World Conference __ "Mennonite World Conference (MWC) is a global community of Christian churches who trace their beginning to the 16th-century Radical Reformation in Europe, particularly to the Anabaptist movement. Today, close to 1,300,000 believers belong to this faith family; at least 60 percent are African, Asian, or Latin American." You will find a good overview, outreach and more. - illustrated - from MWC - 

Third Way Cafe - Mennonite Media __ A great website chock-full of information about Mennonites. there is also excellent information about Mennonite worship and a good gallery. - illustrated - From -


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