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argentina before perόn __ Several click-to-read articles.  Browse down the page or just click one of the sections. - From -

Argentina - Historical Photos __ Collection of click-to-view historical photos of Argentina. - From -

Argentina: History __ You will find an extended history plus many other resources about Argentina. - From -

Argentina's History __ You will find Brief information from the prehistory to the 20th century.. - From -

The Falkland Oil Conflict __ First, here is the abstract:  "The 1982 war over the Falkland/Malvinas Islands between Argentina and Britain was more than just a sovereignty dispute. In fact, Britain has had a long history of intervening in Latin America. Today, as political instability continues to plague the Middle East, Britain has begun to turn to Latin America to meet its oil needs. The Falkland/Malvinas Islands, with an abundant supply of oil within its territorial waters, now means money to Britain. However, what will oil exploration in the waters of these islands mean to the environment?"  Which leads into a very interesting history of the war. - From Pawlowski -


Historical Articles about Argentina __ A series of click-to-read articles about Argentine history. - From -

History of Argentina __ "The area now known as Argentina was relatively sparsely populated until the period of European colonization. The Diaguita of southeastern Argentina lived on the edges of the expanding Inca Empire; the Guaraní lived farther east. In the North were the Quechua peoples, and Patagonia was inhabited by other tribes known as Tehuelches. One of the most dominant Tehuelche tribes that continues to influence Argentina to this day was the Mapuche tribe, from which the famous Argentine word "che" is derived."  An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - From wikipedia -

History of Argentina __ A collection of several resources related to Argentina history. - From -

History of Argentina __ An excellent multi-page overview of Argentina history including embedded links to additional materials. - From -


Jose de San Martin __ A good biographical overview and bibliography.  "One of the principal liberators of South America from Spanish rule was Jose de San Martin. He is also known as Argentina's liberator, and was one of the principal revolutionary fighters against royalist forces in South America."  Read the whole story. - From  J.olsson -

A Journey into the Past __ A collection of brief click-to-read articles. - illustrated - From Mario E. Farber, Irene N. Raizboim -

Military history of Argentina __ Not so much an encyclopedic article as it is an annotated timeline of Argentine military history along with links to related materials. - From wikipedia - 

Time for Kids | classroom | Around The World | Argentina | History ... __ An abbreviated, annotated, timeline for kids. - From -,28138,491380,00.html


Timeline: Argentina __ Well annotated timeline of Argentina history. - From BBC -

Timeline of Argentine history __ An annotated timeline. - From wikipedia -

The Vanished Gallery: The Desaparecidos of Argentina __ "n a coup on March 24, 1976, a military junta seized power in Argentina and went on a campaign to wipe out left-wing terrorism with terror far worse than the one they were combating. Between 1976 and 1983 - under military rule - thousands of people, most of them dissidents and innocent civilians unconnected with terrorism, were arrested and then vanished without a trace."  Learn the story. - From -

The Virtual Jewish History Tour - Argentina __ A good look at Jewish history in Argentina.  "Argentina gained its independence from Spain in 1810. Bernardino Rivadavia, Argentina’s first president, gave support to policies that promoted freedom of immigration and respect for human rights, i.e., he officially abolished the Inquisition. In this atmosphere of tolerance, a second wave of Jewish immigration began in the mid-19th century with Jewish immigrants arriving from western Europe, especially from France."  Learn the entire story. - From -


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