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Cyprus History __ An essay style overview of the history of Cyprus. - From -

Cyprus: History __ "Excavations have proved the existence of a Neolithic culture on Cyprus in the period from 6000 B.C. to 3000 B.C. Contact with the Middle East and, after 1500 B.C., with Greece greatly influenced Cypriot civilization."  General overview. - From -

Cyprus History __ "Although a small country, Cyprus has an almost overwhelming cultural heritage. Wherever you travel you will find ancient monuments and sites, churches and monasteries bearing silent witness to over 9 000 years of civilization and history."  A brief history. - From -


Cyprus History __ "In 1191, Richard the Lionheart, on his way to the Crusades, dropped into Cyprus for a spot of conquering, but the Cypriots caused him too much trouble (one of them killed his hawk and he was forced to massacre a few villages in retaliation), so he sold them to the Knights Templar."  A very colorful history of Cyprus. - from - 

Cyprus History through the Ages __ An annotated chronology as several click-to-read articles.  Each section relates to a different era and there is a lot of information. - From -

History of Cyprus __ "In the 6th millennium BC, the aceramic Khirokitia culture was characterised by round houses, stone vessels and an economy based on sheep, goats and pigs. Cattle were unknown, and Persian fallow deer were hunted."  An encyclopedic article along with links to additional resources. - From wikipedia -


History of Cyprus __ An essay about Cypriot history.  The blue text on orange background is hard on the eye but some good information. - From -

History of Cyprus __ "Comprehensive online resources about the history of Cyprus." - From -

History of Cyprus: Primary Documents - EuroDocs __ You will find click-to-read historic documents and resources about Cyprus history. - from -


The History of Cyprus in 90 Centuries __ "Cyprus is a young forward looking country with its roots in the Classical Greek period and stretching back over 90 centuries into the mists of prehistory and legend."  You can find out about all of that. - From Keith Parkins -

North Cyprus History __ A general overview of the history of North Cyprus. - illustrated - From -  

Timeline: Cyprus __ Annotated timeline of important dates in the history of cyprus. - illustrated - From BBC -


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