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The All-American Redheads 1936-1986 __ Informative site dedicated to women's basketball. The All American Red Heads team, commonly known as the first professional women's basketball team to play mens teams with mens rules for 50 years before the ABL and WNBA, got their name when the entire team colored their hair red as a joke. - From allamericanredheads.com -  http://www.allamericanredheads.com/ 

Basketball __ Drills, tips, fitness, and suggestions from coaches. Take your time here, there's lots to see. - From knowledgehound.com -  http://www.knowledgehound.com/topics/basketba.htm 

Basketball Canada __ Basketball Canada located in Etobicoke, Ontario is the governing body for amateur basketball in Canada. - From basketball.ca - http://www.basketball.ca 

Basketball! College Basketball, Pro Basketball __ You will find a little bit of it all here. Check out their history, NBA rules, almanac, scores, games, classifieds, and basketball more. - illustrated -  From basketball.com -  http://www.basketball.com

Basketball Hall of Fame __ History of  the game from the beginning. You can visit the playground for a game of basketball free throws, or answer some trivia questions. - From hoophall.com - http://www.hoophall.com

Basketball images, Basketball pictures, and Basketball videos __ "View and share basketball images and basketball pictures and basketball videos online. Find a great selection of basketball photos." - illustrated - From photobucket.com - http://photobucket.com/images/basketball/

Basketball Pictures __ Some click-to-enlarge pictures of NBA basketball players.  Basketball photos. - illustrated - From photohome.com - http://photohome.com/photos/celebrity-pictures/nba-pictures/dream-team.html

Basketball Pictures Basketball Photos __ " Click a name to see the related pictures"  Basketball pictures - basketball photos. - illustrated - From photofiledirect.com - http://www.photofiledirect.com/html/Framesets/basketball_fs.htm

Basketball Quizzes and Trivia -- FunTrivia __ "Basketball trivia questions and quizzes" - From funtrivia.com - http://www.funtrivia.com/quizzes/sports/basketball.html 


Biddy Basketball International Program __ This international youth basketball program for boys and girls ages 7-15 adjusts the size of the balls and lowers the basket height to accommodate their age. Check out the rules and regulations, for they also have been adjusted to accommodate the younger, smaller players. - From biddybb.com - http://www.biddybb.com/ 

Canada Basketball __ Read about the National Team in Canada. - From basketball.ca -  http://www.basketball.ca/ 

Coaching Well Basketball Journal __ Great tips on various parts of the game, such as defending against the dribble. Check out the resource links at the bottom for offensive, defensive, and explanations of other parts of the game. - From havenport.com -  http://www.havenport.com/hosa/cjournal.html 

GBALL Women's Basketball __ GBALL presents updates on the WNBA, US Olympics Teams, and player profiles. - From gballmag.com - http://www.gballmag.com/ 

Glossary of Terms--Basketball __ A glossary of terms related to basketball. - From bellaonline.com - http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art3956.asp 

The History of Women's Basketball __ This site is dedicated to women's basketball since1892. Learn all about the Edmonton Grads, All American Red Heads, Women's Basketball Hall of Fame, Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) years, Women's Basketball League (WBL), and the NCAA years. - illustrated - From womensbasketballmuseum.com - http://www.womensbasketballmuseum.com/ 

Hooptown USA __ Tour the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, MA to find out who the latest inductees are. Hours of operation, special events, and directions to the Basketball Hall of Fame. - illustrated - From hooptown.com -  http://www.hooptown.com 

Inside Hoops NBA Basketball Magazine __  "Visit InsideHoops.com daily for basketball articles from pro writers and educated fans (like you!), continuously updated NBA and college hoops news, tons of great features, info, and links, and a fun attitude. We're always growing." - From InsideHoops.com - http://www.InsideHoops.com  

International Basketball Association __  Information, photos, press releases, results, and more about men's and women's basketball. - From fiba.com - http://www.fiba.com/ 

National Junior Basketball __  You will find a variety of links, all offering information on the teams available, schedules, maps, and photos. They provide year round leagues. - From njbl.org -  http://njbl.org/ 

NCAA Basketball __  This Official Web site of the NCAA Basketball, features news stories and scores for all divisions. Find rules in the NCAA rulebook, look at some basketball legends, try the kids' corner, and more. - From ncaa.org - http://www.ncaa.org/ 



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