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American Football __ You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials.  "American football, known in the United States and Canada simply as football, is a competitive team sport. The object of the game is to score points by advancing the football into the opposing team's end zone." - illustrated - From wikipedia - 

American Football Coaches Association __ "The American Football Coaches Association is the oldest coaching association in the U.S. This is the website for information on the football coaching profession." - illustrated - From - 


American Football Quizzes and Trivia __ A lot of quizzes making use of a lot of football trivia and knowledge. - From - 

Arena Football 2 __ You will find information about arena football with news, teams, schedules, statistics, kids club, and much more. - From - 

Arena Football Fan's Site__ Visit this site to discover the Arena Football League with news, links, history, mailing lists, fantasy league, contests, standings, schedules, chat, polls, statistics, and much, much more. - illustrated - From - 


CNN/SI--Arena __ Check out sports news from Cable News Network(CNN) and Sports Illustrated magazine. You will find score boards, season info, and team pages. - illustrated - From CNN/Sports Illustrated - 

Football Trivia __ List of questions with multiple select answers. - From - 

Football Trivia & Games __ About Football tests your knowledge of football with these football trivia quizzes covering everything from general football trivia to the Super Bowl. - From - 


Glossary of Terms--Football __ A glossary of terms related to football. - From - 

Latest News __ Updates on arena football standings, sports scores, statistics, schedules, and much more. - illustrated - From USA Today - - Official Site of the National Football League __ Why should I bother describing this place?  You are going to find a bit of all of it here. - illustrated - From NFL - 


Pro Football Hall of Fame __ Learn about the exhibits, players, history of football and much more. - illustrated - From -

Rules __ "American football is played on a rectangular field 120 yards (110 meters) long by 53 1/3 yards (49 meters) wide. The longer boundary lines are sidelines, while the shorter boundary lines are end lines." An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - From wikipedia - 


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