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Embassy of France in the US - France's History __ Annotated timeline of French history. - From -

France History __ You will find an extended multi-page history of France. - illustrated - From -

France History __ "During the following centuries, the area under the control of the French kings gradually increased, although it was not until the reign of Louis VI (1108-37) that royal authority became more than an empty theory in some parts of France, whose rulers were vassals in name only."  A good general look at the history of France along with other information about the country. - From - 

French history - France in early and modern Europe __ "Indexing numerous articles on French history, including a complete 'French 101' course,..." - From -

French History Timeline __ You will find important dates, with links and photographs for major people, topics, and events. - illustrated - From -


History and chronology of France __ Large, searchable database of French history. - From -

History of France __ "Comprehensive online resources about the history of France." - From -  

History of France __ "Long before any Roman settlements, Greek navigators settled in what would become Provence. The Phoceans founded important cities such as Massalia (Marseilles) and Nicaea (Nice), bringing them in to conflict with the neighboring Celts and Ligurians. The Phoceans were great navigators such as Pytheas who was born in Marseilles. The Celts themselves often fought with Aquitanians and Germans, and a Gaulish war band led by Brennus invaded Rome circa 390 or 387 BC following the Battle of the Allia."  An encyclopedic article with links to additional material. - From wikipedia -

History of France __ A brief look at French history along with a wealth of additional resources. - From -

History of France __ You will find a detailed, multi-page history of France. - From -


History of France and Dynastic History __ Here is information about the Merovingian, Carolingian, and Capetian dynasties.  Click on icons in the text to find more detail and some interesting images. - illustrated - From -

History of France: Primary Documents - EuroDocs __ A collection of click-to-read historic documents and resources about France's history. - From -

Internet Modern History Sourcebook: French Revolution __ "Collection of original documents and web links pertaining to the Revolutionary and Napoleonic periods."  You will find dozens of click-to-read articles and additional resources. - From - - The History of France - French Royalty __ You will find the history of the kings and queens of France, news, and books about French royalty. - From - 

Timeline: France __ Annotated timeline of important dates in French history. - illustrated - From BBC -

The Virtual Jewish History Tour - France __ "Throughout its stormy history, from the Roman period until the present, Jews have lived in France, their fate intimately tied to the various kings and leaders."  A history of the Jewish people and France. - illustrated - From -


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