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Brief History of Hungary __ They may call it 'brief' but there are many click-to-read articles about differing eras of Hungarian history, and in detail. - illustrated - From Stephen Pálffy -

Corvinus Library - Hungarian History __ You will find a wealth of articles and resources. - illustrated - From -

Culture of Hungary - History and ethnic relations, Urbanism ... __ You will find useful general information about Hungary along with a good history section. - illustrated - From - 

Economic History and the Economy of Hungary __ A general history of Hungary with a decided economic slant. - From Thayer Watkins -

History of Hungary __ An encyclopedic article containing a comprehensive history and links to additional material. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

History of Hungary : 2500 BC - 1000 AD __ Annotated timeline along with other information about Hungary. - From -


History of Hungary __ Comprehensive online resources about the history of the European country of Hungary. - From -

History of Hungary: Primary Documents - EuroDocs __ A collection of click-to-read historic documents and resources for Hungarian history. - From -

The history of the Republic of Hungary __ You will find click-to-read articles and resources about Hungary's history. - From - 

Hungarian history __ Annotated timeline of important dates in Hungarian history. - From -


Hungarian Images and Historical Background - Historical Text Archive __ Here is a great place to spend some time with a marvelous blend of images and text.  Crown Jewels, County Crests, historic maps and more. - illustrated - From -

Hungary History __ A colorful look at Hungarian history along with access to other information about Hungary. - from -

Hungary History __ "During the ninth century, Finno-Ugriar nomads came into Hungary via south Russia, settling down in the latter half of the tenth century. The Arpád Dynasty ruled until the end of the 13th century when Hungary was devastated by a Mongol invasion."  Good, general overview of Hungary history along with other information about the country. - From -


Hungary History __ An overview of Hungarian history and if you want even more detail, then simply click "more history." - from -  

Hungary: History __ "The Roman provinces of Pannonia and Dacia, conquered under Tiberius and Trajan (1st cent. A.D.), embraced part of what was to become Hungary. The Huns and later the Ostrogoths and the Avars settled there for brief periods. In the late 9th cent."  A general look at Hungary history along with other information about the country. - From -

The Virtual Jewish History Tour -- Hungary __ "Jews have lived in Hungary since the time of the Roman Empire, even before the Magyar (Hungarian) tribes arrived and conquered the land in the 9th century. "  A history of the Jewish People and Hungary. - illustrated - From - 


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