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Due to the nature of the topic and the wide range of information available, in order to cover only a tiny bit of it properly, some of the websites included here may have a commercial element in addition to the excellent information they provide.  Such inclusion does not constitute an endorsement of product or service by  Sites are included for information value only.

The number of sites available online for this topic is enormous.  Hopefully this will be a good place to begin your research.

These science projects and activities are mostly for the younger student.

For older, or more advanced students, here is information about competition science projects and how to do them.


Archived: Helping Your Child Learn Science __ Online booklet. - from U.S. Department of Education - 

BBC - Science & Nature - Space - Games and Quizzes __ All sorts of educational games about outer space and astronomy. - illustrated - from BBC -

Brain Games __ "Intended for elementary and secondary school students and teachers who are interested in learning about the nervous system and brain with hands on activities, experiments and information." - illustrated - From - 

Cool Science for Curious Kids __ "Fun and interactive site to help kids appreciate science. Five activities adapted from science and children's museums." - From the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. -
Creative Kids Unlimited :: Elementary Grades __ Grade 1-5 Science Project Ideas List. - From -


Grade 1 Science Resources __ Science Curriculum Guide for the Elementary Level - Grade 1 ... Explore the Plant Kingdom - Spring experiments and activities: roots, stems, leaves, etc. You will find similar information for grades 2 through 9. Lesson plans and kids' science activities. - From Saskatoon Public School Division -  

Free Kids Science Projects - free ideas for childrens science ... __ "Science experiments give you and your children the opportunity to invent, create and learn how things work. These free ideas for science activities should be fun for one or more kids as long as the adults plan to be involved too." You will find a nice collection of science activities and resources. - illustrated - From -

HubbleSite Fun & Games __ Astronomy fun from this page about the Hubble Space Telescope. - illustrated - From - 

Kids science projects, science experiments, fun easy science ... __ Contains science projects and experiments for kids, along with detailed answers to science questions and unit conversions. You will find a lot of resource materials, some of which are for older students too. - From - 

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences __ You will find online science games for kids along with other important information. - illustrated - From -

Nova Interactive Archives __ These are not really games, but interactive science learning demonstrations using Shockwave and PBS' Nova program content. - illustrated - from - 


Online Science Games and Activities for Kids __ "This section of our website supports our students with their Science Revision for their Sats and other tests. It contains interactive online science games as well as other interactive science activities." - From Woodlands Junior School, U.K. -
Science Experiments for Kids __ "This site contains some science experiments you can do at home as well as information science-related companies and books for kids." And for you parents, "mess factor" information is also included. - From -

Science Games Online __ "Net guide to elementary science fun and games for kids online." You will find many resources. - From - 


School Specialty Publishing Activity Center - Grade 1 __ You will find several science activities for students Kindergarten - 2nd. There are 114 experiments and many of these can be done at home. Also information for grades 2 through 9. - illustrated - From - 

S C O R E Science - Kids Corner __ You will find a library of hands-on science activities for kids. - illustrated - From Humboldt County Office of Education -


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