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African-Americans Military - African-Americans Notable People - African Americans: By Region, State and Locality - Black History Month - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - General Resources - Historically Black Colleges and Universities - Legislation, Historic Documents - Underground Railroad/Harriet Tubman  

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Civil Rights - Latino-American General Resources - Hispanic Heritage Month - Is it Hispanic or Latino? - Latino-Americans Military - Notable People - Specific Latino Cultural Information - Latino-American Regional Information

Some Specific Latino-American Cultures

Cuban American - Mexican-American - Puerto Rican



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Asian-American General Resources - Asian American Civil Rights - Asian-American Military Service - Asian-American Notable People

Some Specific Asian-American Cultures

Cambodian-American - Chinese-American - Filipino-American - Hmong-American - Indo-American - Japanese-American - Korean-American - Laotian-American - Persian-American - Thai-American - Vietnamese-American


Afro-American Lesson Plans - Hispanic-Americans / Latino Lesson Plans - Asian-American Lesson Plans - Multiculturalism & Tolerance Lesson Plans

Although many Hmongs are from Laos, Hmong Americans are usually not considered to be Laotian American because they are not of the Lao ethnic group.  They are covered in their own page


Conference Connects Literature, Activism __ "The nation’s only annual conference on Lao language and Laotian American literature convened in the Bay Area ..." Learn about the conference and its effects. - From -

Laos Diaspora: Young Laotian American Guards the Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, DC __ An article about a Laotian-American's life in Washington D.C. - From -

Laotian-American __ You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials - From Wikipedia -

Laotian-American Educational Development Group __ You will find contact information and a couple of links to the group's supporters. - From Dr. Somchit Philathivong -

Laotian American: Facts, Discussion Forum, and Encyclopedia Article __ You will find all of that and more. - From -

Laotian American Society __ "The Laotian American Society (LAS) is a non-profit organization committed to being a resource to all people of ethnic origins native to Laos or have ties to Lao culture and heritage in order to improve their quality of life, education, health, and welfare by organizing and sponsoring educational, cultural, social, and other related activities as well as promoting communication and education about issues related to the Laotian community."  Learn all about them. - illustrated - From -


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