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Great American Disasters State by State

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These pages do not begin to cover all the disasters that have taken place in every state.  There is also controversy over what constitutes and defines a "great" disaster from any other kind.  All disasters are "great" to those directly involved in them.

So these pages are a mix of "great" and "not so great" disasters.  The major disasters are all covered in the larger sites I have linked to as resources and the rest are related items of interest.

For example, you might not find a particular major disaster on this list, but it may be included in a site such as, which is one of the resources found here.

This is an excellent place to begin your research.  The links found here lead to an ever widening amount of information.  Good luck in your efforts.

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Baltimore, MD Fire - The Great Fire, Feb 1904 __ "All the world was startled on Sunday, February 7, 1904, just 39 days after the Iroquois theater horror, by another sickening visitation of the fire fiend. This time the devouring element fell upon the city of Baltimore and all but effaced it from the map." Original news stories and links to related material. - From -

Capital Airlines Flight 75 __ "Capital Airlines Flight 75 was a domestic scheduled Capital Airlines flight operating between La Guardia Airport and Atlanta Airport. A Vickers Viscount flying the route crashed in Chase, Maryland, on May 12, 1959, with the loss of all onboard." An encyclopedic article with links to related material. - From wikipedia -

Cumberland, MD Bridge Collapse and Train Wreck, Aug 1887 __ "Early the other morning while an engine attached to a mixed freight train was passing over the Mount Savage bridge a few miles west of Cumberland, Md., on the Pittsburg division of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, the structure gave way. The engine and several cars were precipitated into stream, which had been swollen by a water spout that occurred at the head waters." Original news stories and links to related mater - From Stu Beitler/ -,-md-bridge-collapse-train-wreck,-aug-1887

Disasters - Natural & Man-Made - Southern Maryland Online ... __ LIst of disasters with basic information and a photo gallery. - illustrated - From -
FEMA: Maryland State Disaster History __ Maryland Disaster History. Major Disaster Declarations. Click on the 'disaster #' on the right side of the list to access detailed information including images and more. - illustrated - From FEMA - 

Great Baltimore Fire __ "The Great Baltimore Fire of 1904 raged in Baltimore, Maryland, from 10:48 a.m. Sunday, February 7, to 5:00 p.m. Monday, February 8, 1904. Over 1,231 firefighters were required to bring the blaze under control." An encyclopedic article. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

Historic Disasters: Maryland Disasters __ You will find a list of Maryland disasters. Each list entry is a live link to additional information. - From -

Howard Street Tunnel fire __ "The Baltimore Freight Rail Crash (also known as the Howard Street Tunnel Fire) was a 60-car CSX Transportation freight train derailment that occurred in a freight through-route tunnel under Howard Street in Baltimore, Maryland on July 18, 2001. The derailment sparked a chemical fire that raged for six days and virtually shut down the downtown area until the heat caused a water main to rupture, largely extinguishing the fire but also causing significant flooding in the streets above." An encyclopedic article with links to related material. - From wikipedia -

March 1962 "Ash Wednesday" Storm: Part 1 __ "As the water continued to pile up along the East Coast during successive high tide cycles over the following three days, the coastline from New Jersey to North Carolina was battered and changed forever by the onslaught of wind and waves." A detailed report. - illustrated - From -

Maryland Disasters Floods, Fires, Tornadoes, Mine Explosions and more __ You will find original news stories about Maryland disasters along with links to additional information. - From -

Maryland Earthquake Information __ An overview and history of Maryland earthquakes. - From - 

Maryland hurricanes __ An index of wikipedia articles about Maryland hurricanes. - From wikipedia -

Maryland tornadoes __ An index of wikipedia articles about Maryland tornadoes. - From wikipedia -

Maryland Tornadoes __ Maryland tornadoes from 1950 to 1995, listed by County. - From - 

Pan Am Flight 214 __ "Pan Am Flight 214, a Boeing 707-121 registered as N709PA, was a domestic scheduled passenger flight from Baltimore to Philadelphia, which crashed on December 8, 1963 near Elkton, Maryland, after being hit by a lightning strike while in a holding pattern, killing all 81 persons on board." An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - From wikipedia -

Williamsport, MD Fire, Mar 1882 __ "Our neighboring town of Williamsport was on Sunday last the scene of another destructive fire. About half-past three in the afternoon a fire broke out in a two-story log house on Potomac street, owned and occupied by a lady named Besore. The alarm was promptly given and the citizens turned out en masse, but the town being without any fire apparatus,..." You will find original news articles and links to related material. - From Jenni Lanham/ -

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