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Grand People's Study House, Pyongyang, North Korea - Photo by yeowatzup - CC-BY


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Pyongyang, North Korea - Photo by yeowatzup - CC-BY


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Background Note: North Korea __ A full national profile with history, culture, economy, maps and more. - illustrated - From U.S. State Department -

CIA - The World Factbook -- Korea, North __ A detailed look at North Korea including history, culture, political structure, economy and many other items. - From US Central Intelligence Agency - 

Country Profile: North Korea __ A general overview of North Korea. "North Korea emerged in 1948 amid the chaos following the end of World War II. Its history is dominated by its Great Leader, Kim Il-sung, who shaped political affairs for almost half a century." History, political information, leaders, statistics and more. - illustrated - From BBC -


Economy of North Korea __ "The economy of North Korea has been in a continued state of flux since the early 1990s, spurred by the disintegration of the Soviet Union. Other centrally planned economies in similar straits have opted for domestic economic reform and liberalization of trade and investment." an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - From wikipedia -
Economy of North Korea - Flag, Map, Economy, Geography, Climate ... __ "Korea, North Interactive Factbook: ECONOMYY, Flag, Map,Geography, People, Government, Economy, Transportation, Communications." This and more. - illustrated - From - 

Maps Of North Korea __ You will find a wide variety of map resources. Select from MapQuest, Merriam-Webster, Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection and others. - From -  

North Korea __ An excellent tool for anthropology and historical research. "Handbook Series sponsored by the U.S. Department of the Army between 1986 and 1998. Each study offers a comprehensive description and analysis of the country or region's historical setting, geography, society, economy, political system, and foreign policy." - From Library of Congress -

North Korea __ A guide to law, constitution/s, legal history, international agreements and more. - From Law Library of Congress -
North Korea __ "North Korea is a fascinating blend of George Orwell's 1984 and Cold War comic opera. From the ultra-clean showcase capital, where only hard-line party members are allowed to live and old people and pregnant women are excluded, to beautiful Paekdusan on the Chinese border where they are still rewriting history, there's enough weirdness in North Korea to gobsmack you. Frankly, any country that sees death as a non-issue when it comes to electing an eternal president deserves our full attention." History, culture, statistics and more. - From Lonely Planet -


North Korea: Geography, Maps and Information __ You will find a collection of resources including geography, maps and links to related articles. - From - 

North Korea - images of the DPRK __ Several pages of galleries with click-to-enlarge images. - from -

north korea map and map of north korea information page __ An atlas style page chock-full of various maps, statistics, and general information. - illustrated - From - 
North Korea Photos __ You will find galleries of click-to-enlarge photo images, pictures of North Korea. - illustrated - From -

North Korea pictures, North Korea images __ "Here you will find a treasure of information with regard to the pictures of North Korea as well as a wealth of information on the subject of North Korea images and photos." - illustrated - From - 

North Korea Video Clips __ You will find video clips related to the country. 'Caution' only a portion of the video clips have been reviewed by There may be material in others some would find objectionable. - From -

Official Website of the Government of North Korea __ News, politics, images - From Government of North Korea -

pictures of North Korea at - north korea ... __ North Korea pictures including Pyongyang, Kaesong (Kaeson), South Pyongan Province, Sinuiju, Panmunjom, Mount Myohyang, Juche Tower, and more! - illustrated - From - 

Timeline: North Korea __ A timeline of North Korea important dates beginning in 1945. - From BBC -


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