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Brian Mulroney __ "Martin Brian Mulroney PC CC GOQ (predominantly known as Brian Mulroney) (born March 20, 1939), was the eighteenth Prime Minister of Canada from September 17, 1984, to June 25, 1993..."  An encyclopedic article along with links to related topics. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

Brian Mulroney __ Famous quotes by Brian Mulroney. - From -

Brian Mulroney __ A summary outline. - From -

Brian Mulroney __ Scroll down to the thumbnails to find dozens of articles about Brian Mulroney. - illustrated - From - 

Brian Mulroney: Definition and Much More __ Just what the title claims, jam-packed with information. - illustrated - From -

Category:Brian Mulroney __ Gallery of click-to-enlarge pictures of Brian Mulroney. - illustrated - From -

From Cheers to Jeers: The Mulroney Years __ "In 1984, Brian Mulroney led the federal Conservatives to the biggest election victory in Canadian history. Almost a decade later, the man described as having "Robert Redford eyes and Paul Newman hair," would leave the Prime Minister's Office as the most unpopular prime minister in Canada's recent memory."  An overview of Brian Mulroney including video and more. - illustrated - From -  


Martin Brian Mulroney   Progressive Conservative __ Overview of accomplishments and several related resources. - illustrated - From - 

Mulroney-Profiles-First Among Equals __ Biography, accomplishments, images, bibliography, anecdotes and much more. - illustrated - from -

Prime Minister Brian Mulroney - Prime Minister of Canada __ You will find biography, professional and political career. - From -


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