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 Term(s) of Office: 1921 - 1926
1926 - 1930
1935 - 1948


Category:William Lyon Mackenzie King __ Large gallery of click-to-enlarge pictures of Lyon Mackenzie King. - illustrated - From wikimedia.org - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:William_Lyon_Mackenzie_King

Grave of William Lyon Mackenzie King __ You will find a picture of the former Prime Minister's gravesite as well as a few details of his life. - illustrated - From pc.gc.ca - http://www.pc.gc.ca/clmhc-hsmbc/pm/King_E.asp

Mackenzie King-Profiles-First Among Equals __ Biography, accomplishments, images, bibliography, anecdotes and much more. - illustrated - from collectionscanada.ca - http://www.collectionscanada.ca/primeministers/h4-3250-e.html

William Lyon Mackenzie King __ "William Lyon Mackenzie King PC OM CMG (December 17, 1874 July 22, 1950) was a Canadian lawyer, economist, university professor, civil servant, journalist, and politician. He served as the tenth Prime Minister of Canada..."  An encyclopedic article along with links to related materials. - illustrated - From wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Lyon_Mackenzie_King

William Lyon Mackenzie King __ You will find a detailed personal and political biography. - From biographi.ca - http://www.biographi.ca/009004-119.01-e.php?&id_nbr=7996

William Lyon Mackenzie King: Biography __ A collection of King biographies from a variety of resources. - From answers.com - http://www.answers.com/topic/william-lyon-mackenzie-king  

William Lyon Mackenzie King: Definition and Much More __ Just what the title claims, jam-packed with information. - illustrated - From answers.com - http://tinyurl.com/ctbq8 


William Lyon Mackenzie King Diary online __ "There are approximately 50 000 pages available for you to access in this on-line database of the Diaries of Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, MG26-J13.  You have two options for researching the database: Browse by Date, and Search by Word or Phrase." - From king.collectionscanada.ca - http://king.collectionscanada.ca/

William Lyon Mackenzie King Liberal __ Overview of accomplishments and several related resources. - illustrated - From canadainfolink.ca - http://www.canadainfolink.ca/pms_King.htm

William Lyon Mackenzie King - Prime Minister of Canada __ "Profile of Willian Lyon Mackenzie King, Prime Minister of Canada - biography, accomplishments and political career." - From about.com - http://canadaonline.about.com/cs/primeminister/p/pmking.htm 


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