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The links provided here are for the purpose of having online material where you can learn what each faith has to say about itself.  While these links are not about "religious anthropology" itself, having a knowledge of what each faith believes can be an important tool in many studies of the anthropology of religion.  

In the review annotations, I will let the site speak for itself as much as possible.

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Jewish Reconstructionist Federation __ You will find a huge website covering many aspects of reconstructionist Judaism. Articles, events, history, audio resources, educational materials, congregational resources and much, much more. - From Jewish Reconstructionist Federation -

Reconstructionist Judaism __ Learn about the history and beliefs of Reconstructionist Judaism. "Reconstructionism was developed by Rabbis Mordecai Kaplan (1881-1983) and Ira Eisenstein over a period of time spanning from the late 1920s to the 1940s. It formally became a distinct denomination within Judaism with the foundation of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Seminary in 1968. - From -  

Reconstructionist Rabbinical College __ Learn about the school, its programs and philosophies. - illustrated - From Reconstructionist Rabbinical College -

Reconstructionist Reading List __ "This message is intended to provide readers of soc.culture.jewish with a list of references to allow them to learn more about the current practices, past practices, beliefs, and history of the Reconstructionist Judaism Movement...Reconstructionist Judaism is the small "fourth movement" of American Judaism. It was founded by the Conservative Rabbi and philosopher Mordecai Kaplan. It emphasizes "Judaism as a civilization" (i.e., the integration of selected Jewish beliefs with the Jewish people's culture and folkways)." - From -

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