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An Approach to Teaching Religious Tolerance __"Focusing on the First Amendment's guarantee of religious freedom, students identify those colonies that were founded to protect individuals from religious persecution, and examine the history and beliefs of five major religions in the U.S. today." - Overview, goals, activities and materials. - From Organization for Community Networks - 

Five Major World Religions __ "This activity allows students to research and identify various aspects of five major world religions including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism."  Goals, procedure and needed materials - From - 


Global Citizen 2000 - Religion and Spirituality __ Here is a collection of lesson plans covering the major faiths complete with goals, procedure, hand outs and resources. - From Rutgers University -

Hinduism vs. Buddhism __ "Students create Venn diagrams showing the differences and similarities between the religions of Hinduism and Buddhism."  Goals, procedure, materials - From -   

How have world religions shaped who I am today? __ Students will learn how beliefs in each of the main world religions of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Animism, Judaism, or Christianity influence behavior of believers.  Goals, procedure and needed materials. - From -

Introduction to “Major World Religions” Unit __ Students will begin discussing world religions.  goals, procedure, materials - From -  


Learning to Give - Lesson Plan - Religious Prejudice __ "This lesson will explore historical and existing religious prejudices using a variety of texts and media research instruments. Understanding of religious persecution will be learned through the experiences of Jewish people, gypsies, Catholics and the mentally and physically challenged, leading up to and during the Holocaust."  Goals, procedure and materials needed. - From -

Lesson Plans - Religion and Belief Systems in Asia __ "In this lesson, students will conduct an in-depth review of one of the major world religions by focusing on its origins, beliefs, and history. They will then explore reasons for the spread or decline in Asia of each of the major world religions. Finally, students will predict the continued spread of religions based on current events in Asia."  Goal, procedure, materials - From -

Lesson Plans - World Religions __ The New York Times Learning Network has pulled together their great lesson plans related to religion. There are a few dozen of them. - From -   

Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly . For Teachers . Lesson Plan List __ Here are several lesson plans based on world religions.  Subjects range from basic beliefs to more controversial topics. - From PBS - 

Religion lesson plans for elementary school teachers in grades K-6__ A small handful of lesson plans with goals, procedure and materials needed. - From - 


Teaching About Religion In Public Schools: Worldview Education __ "To provide academic information and teaching materials related to teaching about religion in public schools in support of: 1. an educational commitment to pluralism, 2. acknowledgment that public schools are for students of all worldviews, whether religious or nonreligious, and 3. the professional understanding that public school teachers need to exercise a scrupulous neutrality regarding religion."  You will find general background, teaching tips, lesson plans, goals, procedure and materials needed. - From -

World Religion Lesson Plans __ A few dozen lesson plans about world religions.  Goals, procedures and materials - From -

World Religions Lesson Plans __ "The lesson plans, now in an early stage of development, are combined with online resources that relate topics to current events. "  Goals, procedures.  Actual lessons are PDF files. - From -

World Religions Lesson Plans, Games, Powerpoints __ A collection of lesson plans and resources. - From -


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