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This page about historic Alaska is a supplement to Alaska Social Studies where you will find additional material including history, colleges and universities, capital city profile, lesson plans, state government and more.

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The 1867 Treaty of Cession ___"On March 30, 1867, the United States agreed to buy Alaska from Russia; the complete text is here." - There is a printable version of this document which deals with the transfer of Alaska from Russia to the United States. - Text only - From ExploreNorth - 

The 1884 Alaska Organic Act ___A description of the situation in Alaska after its purchase and prior to the formal installation of a civil government precedes the complete text of the Organic Act. - Text only - From Murray Lundberg - 

The 49th State ___"Although focusing primarily on Alaskan statehood, this site offers information and photographs of the building of the Alaska Highway." - Illustrated - From Eric Gislason -

A to Z Kids Stuff | Alaska __ General information for kids including history resources. - From -

Alaska ___A good overview of the history of Alaska, plus statistics, demographic information, and links to "... selected famous natives and residents." - Illustrated - From Pearson Education, publishing as Infoplease - 
The Alaska-Canada Boundary Dispute ___"Although diplomats thought they had the border between Alaska and the Yukon settled in 1825, the issue continued to flare up right until 1903. The full text of all related documents is posted here, [some] in both French and English, as well as an analysis." - Some illustration - From Murray Lundberg -

Alaska Ghost Towns ___These brief reports about this state's ghost towns are submitted by viewers. - Map - From - 


Alaska Highway Historic Mileposts ___"Although there are few signs of the original Alaska Highway, you can keep track of the highway's history with these markers." - Text only - From Murray Lundberg - 

Alaska: History ___Topics include Russian colonialism, the gold rush and statehood. - Text only - From The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th ed. - 

Alaska State Troopers Museum ___"An illustrated tour of this museum in Anchorage, which shows the development of policing in Alaska." - Illustrated - From Murray Lundberg - 

The Alcan Highway in Alaska Opened ___Click on ' Next' to page through this website (three pages in total). Information concerns the construction of Alaska's end of the Alaskan-Canadian Highway and it's importance as a military supply route during WWII. - Illustrated - From the Library of Commerce - 


Annette Island, Alaska in World War II ___"From a peaceful Christian mission to a large and strategically important military airfield, Annette Island has seen it all." - Illustrated - From Murray Lundberg - 

Building the Skagway to Dawson Road ___"First promised in 1898, the highway finally became a reality 83 years later." Highlighted text takes you to further information. - Some illustration - From Murray Lundberg - 

Chief Executive: Alaska ___This list of military commanders and governors of Alaska covers the years between 1867 and 1998. - Text only - From ExploreNorth -

The Evolution of the Richardson Highway ___"From an incredibly dangerous trip across a glacier to one of the most dramatic highways in Alaska." Highlighted text takes you to further information. - Illustrated - From Murray Lundberg -

Famous Alaska People Alaskans __ You will find a list of famous people who are a part of the history of Alaska. - From -

Find a Grave - Alaska ___Brief biographies of 15 'famous' citizens, many with information about their claims to fame, causes of death and burial places, and photos. - Illustrated - From Find a Grave - 

"First & Worsts" in Yukon & Alaska Shipping ___"From the first kayaks to the worst disasters on the coasts and rivers." - Text only - From Murray Lundberg -


The Kee Bird and the Alcan ___"Throughout the bitter cold during the construction of the Alaska Highway, crews kept their sense of humour, even inventing an appropriate mascot." - Text only - From Murray Lundberg - 

Law Enforcement in Alaska, 1867-1998 ___"Over the past 130 years, law enforcement in Alaska has developed from an erratic duty by several federal agencies, to today's efficient State Troopers and city police departments." - Illustrated - From Murray Lundberg - 

Maritime Ghosts of the Klondike ___"As word of the Klondike gold discovery spread, all kinds of boats were patched up and chartered to go to Alaska. Most of those vessels reached their destinations; this is the story of two that didn't." - Illustrated - From Murray Lundberg - 

The Matanuska Colony: The New Deal in Alaska ___"In 1935, a huge rural rehabilitation project was started north of Anchorage. A complete list of the 203 original families is included." - Illustrated - From Murray Lundberg - 

Northern Roadhouses - An Introduction ___"From tents and dugouts to relatively luxurious 2-storey log buildings, roadhouses were a vital part of life for most early prospectors." - Illustrated - From Murray Lundberg -

Oil for Victory - the Canol Project ___"Following the Japanese invasion of Alaska, the Canol was envisioned as the answer to a safe supply of fuel for Allied forces in the North. This massive project, however, is all but forgotten now." - Text only - From Murray Lundberg -  

Purchase of Alaska ___The information on these four brief pages would indicate that "Seward's folly' was actually a brilliant move. - Illustrated - From the Library of Congress - 

Roster of Yukon/Alaska Sternwheelers ___"A listing of [378] of the boats that worked on the rivers and lakes." - Text only - From Murray Lundberg -
The Russian-American Company in Hawaii ___"For a few years, Hawaii was an important supply point for Russia's Alaskan trading posts." - Text only - From Murray Lundberg - 

Spanish Place Names on the Face of Alaska [Index] ___"This comprehensive article describes the names as you would encounter them on a tour around the island [Prince of Wales] by boat, starting at the southeast corner of the island, and sailing counter-clockwise around the island. Part 1 describes the names from Nez Rocks to Parida Island Reef, Part 2 from Boca de Bodega to Nez Point." - Text only - From Dr. Arsenio Rey-Tejerina - 

S.S. Nenana Showcases the History of Fairbanks ___"The S.S. Nenana is the last of a dying breed, a wooden hulled sternwheeler steamer. At 237 ft. long, 42 ft. wide and 22,000 square feet of deck space, she is the second largest wooden vessel in the world today." - Illustrated - From ExploreNorth - 


The Sullivan Roadhouse Museum ___"At the end of the Alaska Highway, at Delta Junction, Alaska, is a beautifully restored 1905 roadhouse, now a museum." - Illustrated - From Murray Lundberg - 

Thar She Blows! - Whaling in Alaska and the Yukon ___"The history of whaling in Alaska goes back at least 2,500 years. Although "The Golden Age of Whaling" was one of the most dramatic eras in the North, it draws little attention from historians." - Text only - From ExploreNorth - 

The US50 - A Guide to the State of Alaska ___A general history of Alaska overview and brief biographies of historic figures. - Text only - From Erik Schubach and -

Welcome to SLED: FAQ Alaska ___"...historical facts for which there are written records. Until contact with Europeans, the history of Native Alaskans was preserved through the oral tradition. In the 250 years since Europeans found Alaska, much of that oral history was lost, what was recorded does not correspond to the Western manner of recording events on a calendar basis." - Text only - From the Alaska State Library -


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