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This page about historic Arizona is a supplement to Arizona Social Studies where you will find additional material including history, colleges and universities, capital city profile, lesson plans, state government and more.


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A to Z Kids Stuff | Arizona __ General information for kids including history resources. - From -

Arizona ___A good overview of the history of Arizona, plus statistics, demographic information, and links to "... selected famous natives and residents." - Illustrated - From Pearson Education, publishing as Infoplease - 

Arizona Ghost Towns ___These brief reports about this state's ghost towns are submitted by viewers. - Map - From - 

Arizona: History __ Little is known of the earliest indigenous cultures in Arizona, but they probably lived in the region as early as 25,000 B.C. A later culture, the Hohokam (A.D. 500–1450), were pit dwellers who constructed extensive irrigation systems. The Pueblo flourished in Arizona between the 11th and 14th cent. and built many of the elaborate cliff dwellings that still stand. The Apache and Navajo came to the area in c.1300 from Canada." From that beginning through modern times. - From -

Arizona History - A good general overview of Arizona history. - illustrated - From Office of the Governor -

Arizona: History ___Topics include Spanish exploration, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, statehood and modern development. - Text only - From The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th ed. -

Arizona History Museum (Tucson) __ The Arizona History Museum's focus is southern Arizona history from Spanish colonial through territorial eras. - illustrated - From -

Arizona, Timeline of State History __ "View a chronological timeline of important events and dates in Arizona's history. Find details on population, geography, and facts for this western state." - From -  


Aztmlinmn ___A timeline of notable events in the history of Arizona. Underlined text links to further information. A darker or bolder text would make this page easier to read. - Text only - From Carol Collins and Carol Kratzer -

Famous Arizona People Arizonans __ You will find a list of famous people who are a part of the history of Arizona. - From - 
Find a Grave - Arizona ___Brief biographies of 106 'famous' citizens, many with information about their claims to fame, causes of death and burial places, and photos. - Illustrated - From Find a Grave -

Historical Museums of Arizona - A History Guide __ "Arizona history museums. Learn about historic Arizona and discover the history of Arizona people. Locate Arizona history museums, state symbols, historic photos, old Arizona newspapers, Arizona genealogy information, history timelines and other Arizona history data." - illustrated - From -

History of Arizona __ "The first Native Americans arrived in Arizona between 16,000 BC and 10,000 BCE, while the history of Arizona as recorded by Europeans began when Marcos de Niza, a Franciscan, explored the area in 1539. Coronado's expedition entered the area in 1540–1542 during its search for Cíbola. Padre Eusebio Francisco Kino developed a chain of missions and taught the Indians Christianity in Pimería Alta (now southern Arizona and northern Sonora) in the 1690s and early 1700s." - An encyclopedic article. - illustrated - From wikipedia - 

Pleasant Valley War ___A brief look at this family feud. - Text only - From Mark Smith - 

The Pleasant Valley War ___This isn't an easy page to read, due to the text font and layout, but you can get the background and progression of this feud. - Text only - From a book by James Harvey McClintock, page 484 -
Pleasant Valley War - Ambush at the Perkins Store ___"A brief glimpse into the history of Arizona's notorious feud between the sheepherding Tewksburys and cattle raising Grahams." "This is only a small part of the amazing saga of the Pleasant Valley War. In all, fifteen cattlemen and at least three sheep men were slain over the five years the battles ensued." - Illustrated - From Leland Hanchett Jr. - 

Pioneer Living History Village ___"Pioneer Arizona is recognized as an educational facility, a "Classroom Without Walls", where children learn to live and appreciate Arizona's Territorial Days (1880's - 1912 era)." You can take an online tour here -- just follow the links to learn about and see such buildings as the bank, the church and the school. - Illustrated - From the Pioneer Living History Village - 


The Road To Statehood ___Arizona became the forty-eighth state on February 14, 1912. Read the steps which were necessary for this event to occur. - Illustrated - From Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records -  

The US50 - A Guide to the State of Arizona ___A general Arizona history overview and brief biographies of historic figures. - Text only - From Erik Schubach and -

War Relocation Authority Camps in Arizona, 1942-1946 ___"Images from the War Relocation Authority Camps in Arizona vividly depicting the daily life of Japanese-Americans detained in them during the second World War." - Illustrated - From Through Our Parents' Eyes: History & Culture of Southern Arizona -


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