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A to Z Kids Stuff | Nebraska __ General information about Nebraska for kids including history resources. - From -

Chimney Rock National Historic Site in Nebraska __ "Feel the awe and curiosity the pioneers experienced when they saw the most famous landmark on the Oregon, California, and Mormon Trails." - illustrated - From -

Facts about the History of Nebraska __ "The History of the State of Nebraska with some brief, but essential historical events, dates in a timeline and the people who made the State of Nebraska great. You will find all of the relevant facts, data and info in a comprehensive Timeline format providing facts about the History of Nebraska and how this fits in with the History of America." - From -  

Find a Grave - Nebraska ___Brief biographies of 234 'famous' citizens, many with information about their claims to fame, causes of death and burial places, and photos. - Illustrated - From Find a Grave -

Historical Museums of Nebraska - A History Guide __ "Nebraska history museums. Learn about historic Nebraska and discover the history of Nebraska people. Locate history museums in Nebraska, state symbols, historic Nebraska photos online, history timeline, historic old Nebraska newspapers, Nebraska genealogy research information and other Nebraska history data." - illustrated - From -

History of Nebraska __ "The history of the U.S. state of Nebraska dates back to its formation as a territory by the Kansas-Nebraska Act, passed by the United States Congress on May 30, 1854. The Nebraska Territory was settled extensively under the Homestead Act during the 1860s, and in 1867 was admitted to the Union as the 37th U.S. state." An encyclopedic article about the history of Nebraska. - From wikipedia -

History of Omaha, Nebraska __ "The history of Omaha, Nebraska begins before the settlement of the city, with speculators from neighboring Council Bluffs, Iowa staking land across the Missouri River illegally as early as the 1840s. Before it was legal to claim land in Indian Country, William D. Brown was operating the Lone Tree Ferry to bring settlers from Council Bluffs to Omaha. A treaty with the Omaha Tribe allowed the creation of the Nebraska Territory, and Omaha City was founded on July 4, 1854." An encyclopedic article about the history of Omaha, Nebraska. - From wikipedia -,_Nebraska 

Nebraska ___A good overview of the history of Nebraska, plus statistics, demographic information, and links to "... selected famous natives and residents." - Illustrated - From Pearson Education, publishing as Infoplease -
Nebraska Family History - Nebraska Birth Records. Nebraska Family ... __ "Nebraska Family History, Nebraska Birth Records, Nebraska Marriage Records, Nebraska Death Records, Nebraska Census Records and Nebraska Genealogy Databases ..." Online databases for Nebraska history and information about historic Nebraska. - From - 

Nebraska Ghost Towns ___These brief reports about this state's ghost towns are submitted by viewers. - Map - From - 

Nebraska: History ___Topics include hunters, steamboats and wagon trains and twentieth century changes. - Text only - From The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th ed. -

Nebraska History Resources __ A listing of available resources for the teaching of Nebraska History and more. - From Government of Nebraska -

Nebraska History Timeline: Nebraska Important Dates and Events __ Nicely annotated timeline for Nebraska history. - From -

Nebraska Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts __ A general overview of Nebraska and a wealth of resources related to Nebraska history. - illustrated - From -   

Nebraska Old Photos.... faces and places in the past __ "Old family photographs, postcards, historical pictures, and genealogy about the people and places." - illustrated - From - 

Nebraska State Flag History __ A commercial site but with a brief history of the Nebraska State Flag. - illustrated - From -

Nebraska State Historical Society __ "A collection of historical records, publications and records pertaining to Nebraska." - illustrated - From Nebraska State Historical Society -

Nebraska State History - SHG Resources __ "Resource presents the history of Nebraska, spanning over 500 years, from the Spanish and French exploration era through statehood to developments since ..." - From - ___" provides students, teachers and those interested in the state access to a rich resource of facts and viewpoints about Nebraska and its history... From each timeline you'll find stories about the lives of people who lived then, plus letters, photographs and other primary historical source documents. Teachers will find suggested classroom activities and lesson plans... These lesson plans were written by a group of master teachers invited to participate by NDE. In each lesson plan there is a link to a "Task" page that can be downloaded and printed out to give to your students. These pages are in Adobe Acrobat format and there is a link to help you download the free Acrobat Reader if you don't already have it." - Illustrated - From Nebraska Studies -

Nebraska, Timeline of State History __ "Offers a chronological timeline of important events and dates in this state's history. Offers a guide to the facts, geography, economy, government, and education." - From -

ROOTS-L Nebraska: History __ A great collection of resources for Nebraska history. - From -  

The US50 - A Guide to the State of Nebraska ___A general overview of the history of Nebraska and brief biographies of historic figures. - Text only - From Erik Schubach and -


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