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The Akha Heritage Foundation: Welcome __ Learn about the Akha people of Thailand. You will find an overview and a series of articles. - illustrated - From the Akah Heritage Foundation -

Asia for Educators __ While this site deals with a lot more than indigenous and ethnic studies, I thought it would be a good addition to this section. You will find the place jam-packed with infomation. - illustrated - From Columbia University -

Asian Forest Peoples __ "Asia is by far the most populous region on earth and population pressures have pushed people into forested lands where they interrupt the lives of the few remaining forest people." Learn how population pressures threaten lifestyles. - From Rhett Butler - 

Christian conversion threatens hill tribe culture __ Learn how a change in religion is changing cultural heritages. "The hill tribes of northern Thailand have survived centuries of displacement, hardship and discrimination. But now their uniquely colorful culture is under a new threat, albeit a well-meaning one: Christian evangelism." - From Asia Times - 

Contribution submitted by the Asian Indigenous Peoples Pact __ AIPP submission to World Conference on Human Rights. - From Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights -  

Costumes of Minority Peoples in China __ A gallery of costume. The imgaes are from the shanghai Museum. - illustrated - From University of Akron - 

Indigenous Peoples / Ethnic Minorities and Poverty Reduction - Viet Nam __ Online book detailing the indigenous people of Viet Nam and the programs in place relating to them. - From Asian development Bank -

A miraculous method of singing __ Learn about one person 'choirs.' "Exercised by a number of Central Asian tribes, throat singing is a peculiar vocal art with three basic vocalizing methods and at least four submethods that allow a singer to simultaneously sing with two, indeed, sometimes even with four voices." - illustrated - From Sami Jansson - 

People of South East Asia __ Learn who the ethnic groups are and their relationship with the majority. - illustrated - From Bernard Cloutier - 

A Primitive National Policy __ "What might be considered ‘primitive’ by the enlightened may not be a state of backwardness. Tribal knowledge-systems need not conform to ‘mainstream’ development notions." An interesting article related to primitive tribes in India. - illustrated - From HIMAL Southasian -

Sarawak Peoples Campaign __ "The Sarawak Peoples Campaign (or SPC) is a non-profit organization that seeks to defend the rights of the indigenous peoples of Sarawak, Malaysia. It supports social justice, and in particular the right of indigenous peoples to preserve their cultures and ancestral lands." Many articles and links. - From - 

TiT Culture: The Tribes of Taiwan __ Learn about the indigenous cultures of Taiwan with text and photo. "Before the Han Chinese immigration began in the mid-1600s, Taiwan was inha-bited by people belonging to the Austronesian race, the members of which lived in a vast area extending from Madagascar in the west to Hawaii and Easter Island in the east, and from New Zealand in the south to Taiwan in the north. Taiwan's aborigines are believed to have come from the Malay archipelago in different waves about 6,000 years ago at the earliest and less than 1,000 years ago at the latest." - illustrated - From Vision International Publishing Co - 

Tribal People of Chamba __ "The culture and traditions of these remote hill people remained uninterrupted from outside influence. The period during which the Rajput Hindu family reigned was the 7th century A.D. till 1947." Story and photos. - illustrated - From - 

Tribal People and Nature Conservation in Southeast Asia __ "The main threat to the natural environment does not come from the tribal peoples themselves, but from national governments and Western enterprises which ruthlessly exploit the woods for logging, agriculture or minerals. Tribal peoples with long-standing rights to their territories profit the least from this exploitation and suffer the most." - From F. Colombijn - 

The Tribal People of Vietnam __ "Six to seven million of Vietnam's 73 million population comprise an estimated 54 ethnic groups divided into dozens of subgroups some with a mere hundred or so members, giving Vietnam the richest and most complex ethnic make-up in the whole of southeast Asia. - From - 

Written statement submitted by the Asian Legal... __ "Under the pretext of preserving the natural forests, the Government of India is evicting indigenous communities from their lands. Meanwhile, wealthy businessmen and farmers are given free reign to encroach onto these lands. These evictions cause loss of property and life, unemployment and utter poverty. They are coupled with police abuses, including torture and killing. The use of force against these groups has rapidly increased in recent years, as the International Decade of the World's Indigenous People draws to a close." - From Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights - 

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