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Black Hmong, Vietnam __ A photo gallery of click-to-enlarge images. "The Hmong are around the eighth largest minority group in Vietnam where they are also known as Meo, Man Trang and Mieu Toc. - From Pamela A Cross - 

The Hmong: A Guide to Traditional Lifestyles __ The opening paragraph gives the best review. "Once upon a time, the Hmong had a very valuable Book which told them many important things that it was necessary to know in life and during the great journey between death and rebirth. That Book was eaten by cows and rats. Since that time, no text has been able to represent a culture as rich in variety as that of the Hmong." While this is a review for a book, it does contain some interesting information which might be the start point for further research. - From Times Publishing Group/Robert Cooper - 


Hmong Hilltribe __ A brief overview of the Hmong people. - From - 

Hmong Textile Traditions __ You will find articles, links, and click-to-view images of Hmong textiles. - illustrated - From -

My Mother & I __ Article based on Hmong family relationship. - From "This story was published by the San Francisco Examiner for Mother's Day in 1994 and was later republished by Scholastic Update in 1996" - 

Pahawh Hmong alphabet __ The Pahawh Hmong alphabet was invented in 1959 by Shong Lue Yang, an illiterate Hmong farmer living in northern Laos close to the border with Vietnam. Shong Lue Yang believed that the alphabet was revealed to him by God, a belief shared by many among the Hmong." - illustrated - From - 

Writing in Hmong __ Though the website has articles and links in both Hmong and English, there is enough available for users of both those languages to learn a lot about Hmong writing and literature. Some links seem to be down. - From -  

WWW Hmong Home Page __ A large number of linked resources for Hmong studies. - From -


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