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Adoption as a deal __ "The busting of a racket involving the sending of infants of the Lambada tribe in adoption to the West has kicked up a controversy in Andhra Pradesh." Learn about the "export market" in babies from Andhra Pradesh to the United States. - From Frontline - 

Andhra Pradesh __ "Sanskrit writings from the 7th century BC describe the Andhra people as Aryans from the north who migrated south of the Vindhya Range and mixed with Dravidians. They are mentioned again at the time of the death of the great Mauryan King Ashoka, in 232 BC. This date has been held to be the beginning of the Andhra historical record." You will find a lot of information about the people and the state of Andhra Pradesh. - From -

Andhra Pradesh holds biggest tribal fair in Asia __ Article about what is claimed as the biggest tribal fair in Asia. - From -  


Andhra Pradesh-People __ "The general physical traits of the people of Andhra Pradesh are tall, round-headed, broad-faced, with a long arched forehead, thick and protruding noses, with straight hair and yellow skin." You will learn about both the people and their customs. - illustrated - from -

Andhra Pradesh People - People of Andhra Pradesh __ "Andhra Pradesh has a concoction of various communities, religions, customs, lifestyles and cultures."  You can learn about customs, music, religion and much more. - illustrated - From -

Andhra Pradesh tribal development project __ Learn about efforts to ease rural poverty among the rural tribes of Andhra Pradesh. - From -   


Caste in Andhra __ "Today, all the castes (tribes) in Andhra Pradesh are categorized into four groups" Learn about the Caste system and how it effects the peoples of Andhra Pradesh. - From - 

India Together - the Andhra Pradesh page __ Learn about controversial happenings in the state of Andhra Pradesh. - From India Together -

Tribes of Andhra Pradesh __ An overview of the tribes of Andhra Pradesh along with detailed descriptions of each. - From -

Yerukalas - Indigenous people of South India __ "Yerukala is a community found largely in the Southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Yerukalas are indigenous people of South India."  Mostly statistical and census information. - From -

Yerukalas Tribe , Andhra Pradesh __ An essay about the Yerukalas Tribe. - From - 


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