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*While many lesson plan sites have a subscription fee or otherwise sell their lesson plans (that is an additional feature of some of the sites found here)  all lesson plans and collections of lesson plans listed here are free.



Agriculture and Environment Lesson Plans __ There are dozens to choose from and these lead to dozens more. - From  Vocational Information Center -

ALEX Lesson Plan: Botany Scavenger Hunt Where's the Ginkgo? __ This lesson plan is from Alabama but can be easily adapted to other regions.  Ginko grown most everywhere.  Goals and procedures. - From - 

All about plants __ "Discuss plants and what they need. Ask students if all plants are alike, and what they require to grow. Show All About Plants to give students an understanding of plants and their needs."  Goals, procedures, materials needed. - From -

Amazon Rainforest Unit Plan __ Multi-day unit about the Amazon Rain forest.  Goals, procedure, materials needed. - From - 

AskERIC Lesson Plans: Botany __ Collection of botany lesson plans for all grade levels.  goals, procedure and materials needed. - From -


Botany Activities and Lesson Plans __ Good collection of lesson plans and class activities.  Goals, procedure, materials. - From -

Botany Lesson Plan, Plants, Overview, Divisions, Terms, Worksheet, Teaching Activity __ "This lesson is designed to increase reading comprehension. It provides an overview of botany, some the divisions of botany, and important terms and names." - From -

Botany Lesson Plans __ You will find over 240 lesson plans.  Many have procedures and goals.  Some are merely classroom activity suggestions.  All are free. - From -

Botany Lesson Plans | - Lesson plans for teachers __ A collection of half a dozen botany lesson plans from elementary through high school.  Goals and procedure. - From -

Botany Online Lesson Plans--Illinois State Museum __ A collection of 20 botany related lesson plans.  Goals and procedures. - From - 

Botany, Plant Lesson Plans __ You will find 32 lesson plans and references. - From -


Bright, Bold Botany Lesson Plan __ A botany lesson plan based on Georgia O'Keeffe floral paintings. "See flower parts through the eyes of a famous artist! Georgia O'Keeffe's florals are a young botanists' dream." - From -,-bold-botany-lesson-plan/

A Demonstration of Photosynthesis and Transpiration __ Students will examine the effect that light and air has on green plants. A 1st grade lesson plan.  Goals and procedure. - From -

Ethnobotany Lesson Plans __ A collection of 14 ethnobotany lesson plans for all grade levels. - From -

Flower Coloring Pages for Kids. Free Coloring Pictures Worksheets Printables | Flower Coloring Pages Org __ Just what the title says it is.  Lots of coloring pages to supplement lesson plans or as an independent class activity for younger students. - illustrated - From -  

Horticulture Basics: Classification, Plant Identification, Plant Structure and Biomes __ A lot of informative resources and lesson plans.  Lessons are near the bottom right of the page. - From -

It's a Jungle Out There! __ "In this lesson, students act as ethnobotanists and investigate the relationship between plants and people. Pairs of students learn about different plants, focusing on environmental requirements, life cycle, sustainability, and benefits to humankind, and then create ethnobotanical posters featuring their research."  Goals, procedures and materials. - From -

Leaf Collection Lesson Plan, Herbarium __ Here is a lesson plan for upper elementary to lower secondary students on collecting and preserving leaves. - From -

Lesson Plan Library __ Collection of botany lessons for all grades. - From -

PBS Teachers - Science & Tech Botany __ A collection of 18 lesson plans for grades 6 through 12.  Goals, procedure and materials. - From -

Plant Lesson Plans: Angiosperm, Gymnosperm, Tissues, Reproduction __ Here are many lesson plans for all grade levels.  Goals and procedure. - From - 


Plant Pollination __ "Discuss with students the structure of flowers. Begin by making a list of all the flower parts they know. Then show students a diagram of a flower and discuss the locations of the parts of the plants and their functions."  Goals, procedure and materials needed. - From -

Plants Theme - Lesson Plans, Thematic Units, Printables __ Several lesson plans with goals and procedure.  A couple of the plans are dead links but still useful information. - From -

Smithsonian Education - Botany and Art and Their Roles in Conservation __ "The lessons in this issue of Smithsonian in Your Classroom introduce the work of botanists and botanical illustrators, specifically their race to make records of endangered plant species around the world. “Very little of the world’s flora has been fully studied,” says one Smithsonian botanist, “and time is running out.” "  Lesson plans are PDF format. - From -

Super Size Sunflowers __ "The sunflower is an amazing plant that has been very popular in recent years. This series of lessons for first graders engages students in all four components of Discipline Based Art Education while also integrating math and science. "  Goals, procedure and materials. - From -

The Teacher's Guide Plants/Flowers Theme Page __ Lesson plans, print outs, flower lesson plans and more. - From -   


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