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The Kayapo __ Good overview with some statistics. - illustrated - from Vanderbilt University - http://www.vanderbilt.edu/AnS/Anthro/Anth210/kayapo.htm


Kayapo Indians __ "The Kayapo Indians live in the vast plain lands of the Matto Grosso in Brazil, south of the Amazon Basin . Their area includes the Brazilian frontier which contains the mining and lumber industry where they participate in many aspects of the contemporary world." You will find links to related material. - From indian-cultures.com - http://indian-cultures.com/Cultures/kayapo.html 

The Kayapo Indians __ Read about a visit to a Kayapo village. You will find cultural and historic information as well as an Amazon rainforest gallery. - illustrated - From Raintree Nutrition, Inc - http://www.realtime.net/~raintree/gallery/kayapo.htm 

The Kayapo Indians & Body Shop - Ecology __ Learn about what started as a good program went by the wayside. "Since 1991, Body Shop has been buying oil processed by the Mebengokre Indians, also called the Kayapo. Brazil nut oil makes up about one and half percent of its rainforest hair conditioner. The `Trade Not Aid' project has long been the centerpiece of Body Shop's attempts to market itself as a `socially responsible' business. But the relationship, rocky for years, has become a sore point for the Indians." See what the future might hold when the dust settles. - From brazzil.com - http://www.brazzil.com/p16dec96.htm  
The Overstory #34--Forest Islands, Kayapo Example __ "Indigenous knowledge of nature and agriculture represents hundreds or even thousands of years of accumulated knowledge and experience. Indigenous peoples can teach us effective models for sustainable resource management. The following study of the Kayapo Indians gives an exciting account of how people developed knowledge of complex ecosystems, and worked with nature to meet their needs." read about this indigenous people's success story. - From agroforestry.net - http://agroforestry.net/overstory/overstory34.html 

The Tale of the Kayapo Feather Headdresses __ Read a tale of wonder and learn how a collection of feather headdresses was saved. Photos can't do them justice, though they try. - illustrated - From Smithsonian Institution - http://photo2.si.edu/kayapo/kayapo.htm 



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