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This Hungarian language page is presented as an additional supplement for Linguistic Anthropology General Resources.


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Basic Hungarian Phrases __ You will find an assortment of basic phrases in Hungarian, including greetings and short questions. - From Claremont Unified School District -


Category:Hungarian language __ Index of articles related to Hungarian language found in Wikipedia - From wikipedia -

English-Hungarian Dictionary __ Translations from English to Hungarian as well as Hungarian to English. - From MTA SZTAKI - 


The First Half of the Middle Hungarian Period; Turkish Loan Words __ "From the point of view of Hungarian linguistic history the first half of the Middle Hungarian period started after the disastrous defeat of Mohács and finished when Turkish rule ended (1526-1699). The most important change in the language was unification, the development of literary language regardless of regional dialects." Overview of language history. - from Encyclopaedia Humana Hungarica - 

Hungarian language __ "There are about 14.5 million speakers, of whom 10 million live in Hungary." You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - From wikipedia - 



Hungarian language, alphabet and pronunciation __ "Hungarian is a Uralic language with about 15 million speakers in Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine and Slovakia. There are also many people of Hungarian origin in the UK and other European countries, the USA, Canada and Australia." You will find a good overview. - From -


Hungarian Language Page __ A brief article and many resources. - From -


The Hungarian language, a grammatical guide __ "A reference guide for the Hungarian language. Concise tutorials and grammar guides. Aimed at English-speakers." - From - 


Hungarian Lessons for Beginners with Puzzles and Quizzes __ Just what the title says it is, and then some. - From - 

Hungarian Sign Language __ "300,000 hard-of-hearing people use it as second language. All ages. Budapest dialect is viewed as the standard." - From - 



Hungarian Tongue Twisters __ You will find forty-two Hungarian tongue twisters to practice. An English translation is given for each tongue twister. - From Michael Reck -

Hungarotips __ This site about Hungary includes language lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners, and lots of language games along with information about the country and culture. - From - 

Introduction to the Hungarian language __ "Our grammar is very different from most European languages, but you can try to learn it, anyway. Hungarian is a very nice language, so it's worth learning it, even if it is very hard to do. Hungarian language is full of very expressive, idiomatic words, too." A good place to start. - from Ákos Dömötör - 


Languages of Hungary __ A long list of spoken languages in Hungary that provide the alternate names, classification, population, and location of the language. - From -



The Linguistic Records of the Early Old Hungarian Period __ "From a linguistic point of view, the age of the Árpád dynasty is called the early old Hungarian period. The most important changes in the phonetic and morphological system of the language, and modifications in spelling, which followed them, took place in this period. Linguistic records from the age of the Árpád dynasty, which enable us to learn about the contemporary state of the language, survived in three categories..." - From Encyclopaedia Humana Hungarica - 

MAGYAR: Pronunciation __ This list explains the pronunciation of Hungarian consonants and vowels. You may print this to use as a reference. - From Claremont Unified School District - 

Online English to Hungarian to English Dictionary __ One dictionary will translate English to Hungarian and the other will translate Hungarian to English. - From - 


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