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This French language page is presented as an additional supplement for Linguistic Anthropology General Resources.


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About the French Language __ About the French Language includes many free resources for students and teachers, including lessons, quizzes, sound files, study tips, and much more. - From -

ARTFL Project: French-English Dictionary __ This is a French-English dictionary, searchable in either French or English. - From University of chicago - 

BBC - Languages - Learn French __ You will find resources for a lot of ways to learn French. Some free some not. - From BBC - 

Editions Entrefilet - Bien Dire - Go English - English Now __ This site especially written for English speakers who are learning French is published in Lyon, Bien-dire is a direct link with the heart of France. Its specific language focus makes it a stimulating companion to a study of French and an authentic resource for students and teachers alike. - From - 

French Index __ Shows simple words and phrases in both formal and informal French translations. - From - 



French Language __ "French is thus the 15th most spoken language in the world by number of native speakers, and 5th in terms of daily speakers. It is an official language in 29 countries." You will find an encyclopedic article including links to related materials. - From wikipedia -


French Language Course Pages __ "Gain an understanding of written French with these lessons." - From -


French Language Guide __ Use the links on the left side of the page and you can access a ton of information about the French language. - From -  

French Language Resources - Academic Info __ "A directory of online resources for studying the French language. Learning to read and write the French Language" - From - 

French: The Most Practical Foreign Language __ "When deciding on a foreign language for work or school, consider that French is the language that will give you the most choices later on in your studies or your career." Find out why. - From Richard Shryock/Virginia Tech - 


French Tongue Twisters __ Over one hundred and twenty French tongue twisters for you to try. The English translation for each one is provided. - From Michael Reck - 

History of French Language __ Numerous click-to-read resources and links about the French Language. Some are in English, others French only. - From University of Tennessee-Martin - 



Language Study Abroad Programs: French __ "Language Study Abroad Programs, French: Comprehensive directory of french [sic] language programs abroad." - From - 


Learn to Speak the French Language Online for Free __ Free French language lessons, resources and much more. - From -

Old French on the Web __ "Old French on the Web. Information and links to the language and literature of France: 842 A.D.-1400 A.D." - From Joseph Edward Price - 

Online English to French to English Dictionary __ That is just what it is. - From - 


Vocabulary Training Exercises __ The exercises will help you learn verbs, adjectives, useful words, general vocabulary, and words pertaining to specific topics. - From -

WWW Resources for French as a Second Language Learning __ Just what the title says it is. A long list of links. - From Alysse Weinberg - 


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