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This Spanish language page is presented as an additional supplement for Linguistic Anthropology General Resources.


To Spain Social Studies

BBC - Languages - Learn Spanish __ You will find material from beginners on up. - illustrated - From BBC -

Compendium of Online Resources for Spanish Studies __ They have a variety of resources for learning Spanish. - From Chris Hale - 

English >> Spanish __ Print out and take any or all of these one hundred tests. A link to the answers is provided at the bottom of each test page. - From - 
FOUR! __ Site for Spanish Language students with lists of vocabulary broken down into topics, grammar explanations and more. - From FOUR - 

History of Spanish Language __ "The Spanish language developed from vulgar Latin, with influence from Celtiberian, Basque and Arabic, in the north of the Iberian Peninsula..." You will find an encyclopedic article about the history of the Spanish Language. - From wikipedia - 

Language Study Abroad Programs: Spanish __ If you are planning a foreign study of Spanish, here are a few resources which might be of interest. - From - 



Learn Spanish __ Vocabulary words by topic. You are free to print out any of the pages for a reference. - From - 


Learn Spanish: A Free Online Grammar Tutorial __ Aa total of seven units that focus on nouns, verbs, pronouns, numbers, time, and other topics. - From - 

Learn Spanish Grammar __ A great collection of click-to-read articles and other resources. - From - 



Learn Spanish Online __ Spanish Verb Conjugation Trainer - From - 

Learn Spanish Online for Free & Spanish School Guide: Spanish Language Unlimited __ "Study Spanish for free with our OnLine Lessons, Vocabulary Games and didactical contents developed by Spanish Teachers." - illustrated - From - 

Online English to Spanish to English Dictionary __ That is what it is. - From - 

The Spanish CALL Project __ College level material but can be used by others. There are interactive exercises included. The site is free to anyone who wishes to visit and practice the exercises. - From Juan Manuel Soto Arrivi - 

Spanish Course for Beginners __ Spanish course for beginners that you will need to download into your computer. Download instructions are provided. - From - 
Spanish language __ "Spanish (español) or Castilian (castellano) is an Iberian Romance language. It is the most-widely spoken Romance Language, and the fourth most-widely spoken language in the world according to some sources, while other sources list it as the second or third most spoken language." You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - From wikipedia -



Spanish Language Exercises __ "Welcome to the Spanish Language Exercises web page, hosted by Ursinus College. This site presents a series of language exercises for the purpose of facilitating the learning and teaching of Spanish in the Internet environment." - From Ursinus College - 

Webspañol: Spanish language resources for beginner - intermediate __ "Promoting the study and appreciation of the Spanish Language by utilizing a variety of internet resources." Quite nice actually. - From Mark Butler - 


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