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An Indian Technique: Code Talkers ___Here's a good discussion of the use of the Native Indian tongue for secure communications during World Wars I and II. - Text only - From OCMH Study 57, Military-Connected Contributions of American Indians to the Culture Heritage of the Nation, Prepared by William Gardner Bell - 

Congressional Medal of Honor ___Following a history of Native American participation in 20th U.S. military conflicts and a list of the five native Medal of Honor recipients, you'll find some excellent information about the Navajo Code Talkers in World War II. - Text only - From Medal of Honor -

Creek Indians in WWII ___The author has extracted information regarding Creek soldiers who fought in the U.S. military during World War II. It isn't a pretty website, but the data is there. - Text only - From Anne E. Gometz - 

Fallen Warriors Remembered, Native American Military Heroes ___This page acknowledges the courage and heroism of Native Americans in U.S. wars and conflicts up to, and including, the current situation in Iraq. - Illustrated - From Medal of Honor - 

Images of Indian Scouts ___These photos were taken at Ft. Huachuca in 1942. Click on any or all of them to see an enlarged image. - Illustrated - From the U.S. Army Center of Military History -


Indian-Citizen Soldier: Lieutenant Colonel Edward E. McClish ___ McClish was a guerrilla leader in World War II. "Colonel McClish played a personal part in contributing to the final victory in the Pacific." This brief page provides information about the man. - Text only - From the U.S. Army Center of Military History -

Native Americans in the U.S. Military ___"American Indians have participated with distinction in United States military actions for more than 200 years. Their courage, determination, and fighting spirit were recognized by American military leaders as early as the 18th century." From this page you can link to four related pages; three concern the Navajo Code Talkers and one lists Native recipients of the Medal of Honor.- Text only - From the United States Department of Defense -
Seminole-Negro Indian Scouts ___"One of the toughest units in the U. S. Army was the Seminole-Negro Indian Scouts. This elite group was recruited in 1870 from black people living in Mexico. The army selected them for their superbly honed frontier tracking skills, superior marksmanship and first rate horsemanship. They served gallantly in Texas during the Indian Wars,
but today few people have heard of them." - 1 image - From Medal of Honor -

Transmitting Messages in Choctaw ___This is a copy of a message sent from the Colonel of the 142d Infantry to the Commanding General of 36th Division, 23 January, 1919. It's in regard to the problem of Germans intercepting telephone communications and the possibility of using the Choctaw language to pass information. - Text only - From the U.S. Army Center of Military History - 

United States Volunteers - Indian Troops ___This is an index of Native American units in the Civil War. - Text only - From "A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion" by Frederick H. Dyer -


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