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Astana __ "Astana (Kazakh: Астана; former names include Akmola, Tselinograd, and Aqmola), estimated population of 600,000 (2004), is the third largest city and the capital of Kazakhstan since December 10, 1997." You will find an encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From wikipedia -

Astana __ "In December 1997, the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbaev, decrees that the capital of the Republic should be moved from Almaty to Aqmola, a provincial town on the right bank of the Ishim River about a thousand kilometers to the north. Although the decree does not sit well with the legislators and the commercial magnates--they have comfortably centered their private and professional lives on Almaty--Nazarbaev pushes for the change." An historic overview. - illustrated - From Iraj Bashiri -
Astana City :: The Capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan __ An excellent introduction to the city and its history. "Akmolinsk acquired the status of a town in 1862. It had been famous since long ago for its fairs. Merchants from all regions of Kazakhstan, Russia and Central Asian countries arrived here. As the development of virgin lands began, the town was renamed Tselinograd and typified the administrative center of an agricultural region." - illustrated - From -


Astana Map _ Satellite Images of Astana __ "Google maps Astana gazetteer. Complete list of google satellite map locations in Astana, Kazakhstan." - From - 

Astana, the new capital of Kazakhstan __ "Present day Astana boasts new modern government and business offices, a five star hotel and a number of good quality hotels to accommodate visitors, apartment blocks matching the European standards, beautiful squares and boulevards, modern roads as well as river promenade on both banks of the River Ishim." This and more. - illustrated - From -

Astana Photos __ A single photo of Astana at night. - From -
Astana Photos at __ You will find several click-to-enlarge photos, pictures of Astana. - illustrated - From - 

Astana Pictures __ Gallery of Astana photos. - illustrated - From -

Astana pictures __ You will find a gallery of annotated click-to-enlarge pictures of Astana, Kazakhstan - illustrated - From -
Research the news about Astana __ Up to date major news stories out of Astana, Kazakhstan. - From -


Astana Tourism - Astana Vacation Reviews __ Here is basic travel information, photos of Astana, Astana maps and first hand reviews from those who have been there. - illustrated - From -

International Airport Astana official site __ Basic airport information, flight arrivals departures, more. - illustrated - From -

Map of Astana __ An interactive map of Astana. - illustrated - From -

population of Astana 2010 __ Astana population figure - From -

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