Baku, Azerbaijan

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Baku __ An encyclopedic article with links to related materials. - illustrated - From wikipedia - 

Baku __ "Baku is the capital city of the independent Republic of Azerbaijan. It is located on the western shore of the Caspian Sea and the eastern tip of Azerbaijan." You will find history and general information. - illustrated - From Iraj Bashiri -

Baku - Baki - Capital of Azerbaijan __ "Detailed information about Baku - everything from A to Z." It pretty much is too. - illustrated - From -


Baku! Baku! __ "A glimpse of Baku, showing highlights, especially of the Old City. Special issue of Azerbaijan International Magazine." Many click-to-read articles and pictures of Baku. - illustrated - From - 

Baku Map, Map of Baku __ "Here you will find a treasure of information with regard to map of Baku as well as a wealth of information on the subject of Baku maps." - From -


Baku Map - Satellite Images of Baku __ "Google maps Baku gazetteer. Complete list of google satellite map locations in Baku, Azerbaijan." - From -

Baku Photos at __ Here are several galleries of photos of Baku as well as more than 300 individual pictures of Baku. - illustrated - From - 

BAKU - A Tour of the City in Pictures __ Nice gallery of annotated click-to-enlarge photos. - illustrated - From The Azerbaijan Pages -


Baku's Architecture: A Fusion of East and West __ "Ask any resident of Baku what the most prominent characteristic of this city is and he's likely to tell you it's the architecture. ..." A nice overview of the city's architecture with many well annotated photos and pictures of Baku. - illustrated - From Azerbaijan International -

Maiden's Tower __ " Baku's most prominent landmark is Maiden's tower located along the seafront in downtown Baku. The tower dates back to at least the 12th century." Description, history and photos. - illustrated - From -

MetaSubway Baku __ History, route maps and future plans for the Baku subway system - illustrated - From -

photos of Azerbaijan 1 - images of Baku __ You will find page after page of click-to-enlarge photos of Baku - illustrated - From -


Photos of Baku buildings, architecture, and skyscrapers __ Many photos of Baku buildings and pictures of Baku architecture. - illustrated - From -

population of Baku 2010 __ Baku population figure - From -

Trade Shows in Baku __ Here is a list of future trade shows and industrial exhibits. - From - 

Window to Baku __ Detailed account of Baku's history, extensive collection of old and new pictures of the city, database of old and new street names, and maps. - illustrated - From -


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